Two- Minute Sofa Make-Over...

Happy Monday morning!
Thanks for checking in with me here...in a quiet little beach house by the Coast.

Today I want to share a two-minute make over that saved my sofa's sweet life, under the abuse constant use of three kids, laptops, ipads, books, blankets and the sneaky not really allowed to be eaten on the sofa chocolate bar!

I don't hold much on immaculate houses and no-go-for-kid areas...it's free reign everywhere and anywhere here, as it is in most family homes these days.
But *freedom* does have major fall out effects on high used area's such as sofa's.

Ours are lovely, deep, sandstone coloured, french feeling ones.
They're squishy, very very very loved by me...and very very very used by the kids.
To save us all the misery of my nagging  sweet requests to remove your feet from the couch- I threw a hardware store bought giant painters drop sheet over both.

This was in the early days of returning from our country style life in England- where kids wore wellies, and went horse riding and played football in the mud!
It was a survival technique...albeit one that turned out to look pretty great and be incredibly hardy!

Painters drop cloths come in many sizes, only one colour {it just so happens to be one of my faves- quite a french farm house colour and therefore pretty much works with all colours and styles} and are ridiculously inexpensive compared to the same amount in a linen fabric!

They are lovely to create layers in a room, look fab pilled with cushions and throws of all fabrics and can be chucked in the wash regularly.
They just continue to get softer and more worn- a look I love.

Our life here revolves around family time and outdoor life- our house is constantly open to the elements of sun, wind and children...and one enthusiastic farm dog!
These covers have saved our sofa's from the lot.


1.Remove all non-connected cushions from your sofa.

2.Cut the painters drop sheet to size {I cut mine in half leaving the hemmed edge at the front and back of the sofa, and the cut edges un-hemmed on each side.}

3.Tuck the sides and back of the sheet in as deeply as possible in the sofa.

4.Replace all the sofa cushions, and bask in how clever you are with this simple makeover.
{One that will save you both nagging the kids, and the state of your house!}

HAPPY MONDAY- some scenes from around our place lately...as Autumn starts approaching- that means for you Northern Hemisphere lovelies it's heading towards Spring!!!! :-)

Melissa xx


  1. What a great idea. I have been thinking of buying one of these to throw over the guest bed to keep the duvet and pillows dust free when not in use. I wasn't sure if they would be big enough but seeing your post I think they would be perfect!

  2. Oh what genius... and now have a few other great ideas for a painters drop sheet in mind too... Thank you! Have a super long weekend!! X♥

  3. Ah, fall....My favorite
    season--lucky you! Our
    spring is a long way off,
    after this very hard winter
    we've experienced. Just
    hope it comes sooner than
    last year....

    I've been tempted to make
    a full slipcover from painter's
    drop cloth. Good to know that
    it gets softer and softer with
    washing. Yours looks sweet!

    xo Suzanne

  4. That’s a great idea! Keeping your sofa stain-free can really be hard especially if you have guests frequently or residents who are so active. No matter how often you request them to keep their feet off the couch, they do it anyway. By the way, I love your living room. It’s so bright and comfy.

    Chuck Levesque

  5. That’s really an amazing idea! Not only it made your living room look refreshing and comfy, it also can be a good quick fix if ever you had an unexpected visitor. Plus, you can easily take it off and wash it when it gets dirty, or when you want to change the color or theme in your living room. Thanks for sharing!

    Jon Snow


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