Happy 2014- Blog plans...by the Sea...

Good morning from the Coast of Australia...

Flip- what an awesome Summer we've had!
Truly- it was one of those long, hot summer's I swear I had every year as a child.

Maybe it was the *almost month long visit* of my bestest galfriend, and her wonderful family from the UK?
Perhaps it was the weather...perhaps it was that we were at last *settled* in our little house by the sea? {It's been exactly 2 years, since we returned from our 4 years living in the English countryside- people have said to us many, many times: "It takes at least half of your time away, to feel settled back at home"...those people were spot on!}

 I'm quite sure that it was the perfect combination of all of those above thoughts that has just made it a *summer to remember*.
I like that... That's why we live by the Coast.
That's why we take the kids swimming before school...and to the beach for the up-teenth time in the same Saturday...and walk the puppy along the coast...and sit under our *road-side-find-beloved-beach-umbrella* for literally hours on end, talking about and sorting out our days.

I'm thankful- so very, very thankful for those Summer days.
They cost us very little in terms of money...but bring us so much in terms of family time, health and life.

I've had a wonderful break from spending my life *on-line*...it's been a full 5 weeks.
 I've thought mucho about what I would like from this year.
 I'm not one for jumping on the latest *health* kick, nor one for long lists of expectations of myself-{long lists for each day- yes indeed, but long lists of resolutions- no!}...

I've very much learnt over the years that resolutions, for me, are not positive promises to myself, but rather *jobs* that just simply hang over my head, and my already way-to-full mind!

So this year I've set myself the simplest of goals- to be gracious...to show simple grace and thanks for the life we have created for ourselves and our family.
It is enough to live by the sea, to consciously enjoy all that it offers us.
It's enough to love rearing our kids, and to see them start this new year with such health, happiness and confidence.
It's enough to tick off *most* of my daily goals, or mundane jobs, without ticking them all.
It's enough to want my little business to grow this year slowly and happily, without overwhelming myself and losing the balance we strive for as a busy family of five.

So...this space here of mine is going to be embraced in 2014.
I'm thankful for it...and thankful for all of you who come and spend part of your days with me.
We're going to share here...and craft here...and just enjoy the smaller things in life.

The things that I try to acknowledge each day in my real life- I'm going to also acknowledge here.
 I'm going to share a lot more of our very loved little beach house as we renovate pockets of it this year... I'm going to share the things that make up my day- craft projects, books, gardening, family and life by the Coast.
I figure if my brain is this busy...there's stuff to share!

Happy 2014 everyone-as we say Down Under: it's going to be a *cracker of a year*! 

Melissa xx


  1. I wondered where you had been but I forgot it is your summer! Summer, especially when your children are 'children' is the time to be free and have fun! I miss mine were still young...I miss it so much. Don't worry about your blog...your children are only with you, surrounding you for such a short time. Before you know it they are off to University or Adventures of their own. That is happiness too, but it is not the same. xxo

  2. Sounds like the ideal summer! I love your approach to this gorgeous new year. Simple grace feels soooo good. Having had a sad and slightly crappy 2013, I'm on the same path as you this year. Let's go!! Jane x


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