Valentines 2014- Cool Crafting.

Monday morning...we're back on guys...!

How much do you value your weekends...!!?
They are VERY loved here, although at the moment, in this little beach house, they seem to be full of endless *life/garden/kid/work/house-maintenance* jobs, interspersed by beach swims & much dropping of kids to the surf!

All wonderful stuff to be blessed enough to complain about mention, but I do  wonder at times, when the train will stop and we'll jump off for a day or two.

It was amazing weather this past weekend...summer is just rolling on here!
If your an IG-er you could hang out with me here, and come sit by the ocean with us if you need a fix of summer!
Love to share out vintage brolly with you in the sand.

Ok...on with the week- Valentines Day...

Being a lover of any excuse to decorate our home for a *celebration*, but not necessarily a huge Valentines day gal, I've a simple-go-to craft that I've used for many years in many forms around our house.

It takes no more than 15 minutes- using a great piece of crafting paper, an old map or even a photocopied piece of an atlas...a needle and thread and somewhere to hang it!

As we live with our windows and doors open most of the year, I have both fabric and paper bunting hanging all year long round our little beach house- I love it blowing in the breeze and connecting our house with our garden.
Metres more are pulled out on someones birthday, Easter, Christmas and any other time I can sneak it out throw it up before it's noticed.
This Valentines Bunting is the same, but it's vertical and lovely in it's simplicity- hanging beside windows...off antlers and over doorways.

Choose your paper.
Cut hearts to any random size.
String by hand {with a needle and cotton} or with your machine into vertical bunting.
Hang round your house- looking all loved up but cool.
Serve pink bubbles and tick that Valentines box!

Getting that craft back on for 2014!

Enjoy ya Monday!

Melissa xx


  1. One of the many fun aspects of blogging is getting to connect with people all over the globe...getting the perspective of regular, daily life in different places. In the middle of winter here, it's so interesting to see the summer pictures from down under. Funny to think of Valentine's Day (or Christmas, for that matter) being warm-weather holidays. It's fun to see the beach pictures as we brace ourselves for another day in the snow. :-)

  2. Hi Melissa : )
    I love, love, love popping into your blog. It's been ages and it's always a breath of fresh air and so much loveliness to take in with each pic. Hope you have a fun valentines day. Alison x


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