Happy Monday- Coastal life...

Morning from the beautiful beaches...autumn is treating us sooo good!

I've walked the puppy- she swam in Sydney Harbour and is all lovely and salty sitting at my feet.

I've hung out too many loads of washing to count and I'm getting side tracked in the garden...

I'm heading down to my *studio* {one side of the kids playroom space- it ain't glamour but it's mine} and sewing up Easter bunting for this Etsy shop of mine.

I've talked about for three months now...it's March and I sooo need to pull my finger out get organised!
I'm not quite sure what part of sorting out an Etsy shop scares me!?

Do you have one?
Did you start out tentatively, even when you'd successfully already sold everything you've ever created to sell...?

I've run my small sewing/creative business on two sides of the world {both here by the beaches in Australia and in the countryside of England} for quite a few years now- but still Etsy seems to have be baffled!?

I shop on it ALL the time- love the creativity of all it's sellers...love the simplicity of it and have desperately wanted to sort out my little place in it for a loooong time!

Hmmm...not sure what that says about me!

Anyway...whilst I'm cutting and sewing up stock for this little venture- I'm also enjoying my little *me-moment* today...flowers for me, from me...that will make me smile and feel good all week.

These were not thrown in whilst doing the mad, rush daily shop, but rather thought through, with a coffee in hand...bought from a sweet little local grocer over the hill, by the coast...

I'm trying to take a *moment of me-time* when I buy my weekly flowers- it's nothing in the scheme of life, but it's something that makes me smile and I want to stop and recognise that.

Some people indulge on a far greater scale...for me this has the same end result...almost! ;-)

Happy Monday people- enjoy your season...I hear from my sweet friends in the ol' U.S of A that you may be thawing out and sending those kiddos out to the back garden without their ski's on!

Hope so...Enjoy!!

Melissa xx


  1. Happy morning my friend! Love these flowers! enjoy your 'me' time & also, your fab post is on over at TMH!

  2. I never knew you had an etsy...how do I find your shop?

    Yes I have one and yes it baffles me too...but I just do what I know and try not to worry about all that I do not know....because right when I think I figured out how to do things it all changes. Best wishes with yours.

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous, the colour, the shape, truly beautiful. Don't worry about the whole Etsy thing, just go for it, what have you got to lose? You'll be great x x x

  4. Ah Sweets. We must talk. Time to get your Etsy shop sorted. J x


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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