How do you know when you are in your *forever home*...?

Do you ever wonder if you are in your *forever home*?

I spend ridiculous amounts of time jigging and re-jigging our little beach house in my mind.
Finding new ways to use the spaces and looking at *other spaces* to inspire ours.

I really feel it's our *forever house*- the place that will remember all our birthday parties, the place our kids will always head off to school, and eventually University and life from.

Even when I'm doing something that actually takes all my attention- I'm still working on our space.
I'm so looking forward to these next renovations.
To be totally honest- I'm just flipping looking forward to a new kitchen and dining room space!
God...to open a cupboard and find a semi empty, organised shelf...!

I've never worked with an architect before...
My father-in-law was a wonderful architect, and we always thought we'd renovate our *forever home* with him.
But, as this is no sadly longer an option, {I would have loved our banter and constant disagreements!} we've found a very like minded architect {a wonderful girlfriend's father} whom I am crazy excited to spend many hours with...and who seemed to just get us and my get my rambling!

My husband and I have managed to live in eight houses to count together, and to actually own four of them, and to even renovate three of them to some extent without an architect...this process is different.
This process is about our *forever home*....I think!!

That's just the thing isn't it- you don't know it's a forever home- until you've been in it forever!
Isn't that just life- the beauty of hindsight!?

I lurk at quite a few blogs that are working on their *forever homes*- they inspire me on so many levels- but none so much as the one's that hold a quiet confidence in the knowledge that this is where they will see out their years....

This is the home that will hold their kids height charts etched into the door frame forever...the house that all *first day school photos* have been taken at...the home that holds endless Christmas day memories.

We've lived on both sides of the world with our kids- we loved each and every moment of that amazing experience....but somehow, now, my heart is longing for a little forever...

What do you think?
Is there really a forever home or do we just move as life takes us- ebbs and flows....?

I wish I had a little hindsight before we begin renovating...but it's all part of the process I know.

How do we really ever know?

Melissa x


  1. Such a good question. I love our little house right now, but I know as sad as it is to say it out loud, it won't be forever. For one, we rent the property and as our landlady passed away last month we know we will not be there for much longer, but even if we were to be able to stay it wouldn;t be big enough to raise a family in, as much as I'd love to give it a try :)
    Beautiful photos of your lovely home, a great combination of belongings collected over the years along your journey, just perfect x x x x

  2. I adore the care and thought you put into making your home a haven, Miss. Can't wait to finally see it! J x


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