Kids and home decorating- Do your kids do it?

Do you ever give your kids *free reign* on decorating?


We're just starting the process of renovating, with our gorgeous architect Bruce, our family dining /kitchen space.

It will be a simple, but truly life changing renovation- in terms of family life within the spaces of our beach house.

The children will NOT be making any decisions! ;-)


We have a guest bathroom off our playroom and my little studio area, that was in total working order but not used as much as the family bathroom upstairs, and was pretty uninspiring in decor.

As it wasn't the bathroom of our house, we figured the kids could throw their hand in at some fun renovating, whilst we thought about the serious stuff, and choose it's colour and we'd just run with it...

There was nothing we wanted to spend on this room but paint.
It will eventually get an over haul...after the kitchen...and the dining room...and the family bathroom...and after school fees...and blah blah blah...
This could be years down the track- so for now, it was pick a colour and make it happy!

We. Love. It.

Thank you kids.

It's awesome


It's all yours!

Mum xxx

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