The Beach House Outdoor Shower

It's all about outdoor showers today here on the blog.

Blame it on the weather!
Autumn is currently acting like a late Indian Summer..
The kids are all still in the surf...the house still has sandy floorboards and I'm still throwing sunscreen on anyone that stands still in the mornings!

This Indian-Summer-Autumn weather has me throwing open every window in our little beach house and washing blankets to dry in the sun...it made me sweep and sort the side passage and admit that the outdoor shower is still on high rotation, and that it's far sweeter to shower without leaves gathering round your ankles.

Can I just say- there is nothing like an hot water, outdoor shower...nothing!

I really didn't think it would change our life...but oh it so has!
We had a fairly unused side passage- it pretty much allowed the kids to get from the trampoline in the back garden, to the playroom and garden in the front without wiping off their feet or using the house.
It was an unused space for 99.9% of the time...and I love, love, love to use every inch of our land here, be it for herbs and vege, or the kids outdoor stuff, or simple seating spaces...I think to use your land wisely is great for the family.
So...I'd been really trying to make this side space serve some sort of purpose!

It was totally a place to pull the lawn mower and green {garden cuttings} bin up and down...until our plumber came for a totally unrelated reason, and suggested to us to put a handmade copper shower out there!
He totally got us when he suggested that "attached to the hot water inside, it would be awesome"...
I love our plumber.

So...for three long seconds we thought about the lack of wet towels being dragged through the house issue...and how much we'd miss the sand blocking the inside shower and bath pipes...and asked him to get onto it- like pronto!

A HOT OUTDOOR SHOWER- this was the kind of thing I just needed to hear!
The side passage suddenly became a whole *other* space- somewhere new and exciting and so, so practical!

I don't do camping...{I know it's something my kids will totally crucify me for in later life}, it's just not for me...this is as close to outdoor camp life that I now will ever get!

I washed my hair out there the entire past Summer after the beach.
We raced all holidays from the car to be the first under it, salty and happy and warm.

Our giant hot waterfall!
It's handmade copper head has 100 holes hammered into it...it's heavy and indulgent.

AND...it's been swept and cleaned this morning, ready for this afternoons onslaught  line up of sandy children...and I'd say one salty mother!

Happy Thursday from our shower to yours...may you use your garden space wisely!

Melissa xx


  1. Just the idea of anywhere warm enough to have an outside shower gets me...deep envy!

  2. Wonderful idea, shame I have no excuse to have one here in the mountains...

  3. You have such a great plumber. I would love to have an outdoor shower like that, especially now that winter is over and it’s starting to get warm. Your place is wonderful, by the way, being near the beach. I am envious!

    Monica Ryan


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