Get ya Easter Craft On - Day 1

OK...Easter Crafting...

If you were around here at Christmas, you'll know that I love me a good month of crafting before a holiday!

Easter, being late this year...gives us all plenty of time to share ideas and a little *Cool Craft* together.

I'm blessed with two of my kids having birthdays around Easter- my eldest was born on Easter Monday and we remind her each year that she's *even better than eggs* !

So...I get to share *Cool Crafts* for Easter and birthday's!

Yep...happy days here!


*Cool Craft For Easter- Day 1*

These little gift jars are *da bomb* for all ages!

They are simple, inexpensive and soooo flipping cute!

They take no more than an hour or two to sort, glue and spray paint...and then you get to fill them- the really fun part...and just stand and look and love them!

I've seen them on a few pinterest boards- and decided to give it a go with my girls at home- we winged it, and they were super easy on the wallet and the skill level...but were soo divine when we finished!

Bits & Bobs- what you need:

-clean, dry jars- {we used Mason jars, but up-cycling from your fridge/ pantry is an awesome idea!}

-a packet of plastic animals {we bought both woodland animals and african animals...both The Lion King and Frankie Magazine are in high rotation here!}

-a hot glue gun

-Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Paint & Primer {I tried to use the no-name spray paint brands here and they just didn't cover like they needed to...but you may have more luck!}

The Fun Bit- what to do:

1. Remove all the lids and put your clean, dry jars to one side. On each lid sit an animal ready to be glued.

2. Glue the feet of each animal in the centre of each lid, and allow to dry for a half hour if you can- I'm pretty sure you can give it ten minutes if you're on a roll and cannot wait to spray!

3. In an open space, with lots of fresh air, {we do ours on our covered balcony- outdoors but not weather dependent} lay out a plastic drop cloth/ craft cloth, and lay out the lids in small groups if you are painting them in a few colours {we do this to avoid spray spots of colour on them all}.

4. Spray the entire jar lid and animal in your chosen colour- you may need to come back when they are a little dryer and spray the underneath of the animals if you missed any spots {our monkey had a brown butt for a while, whilst the rest of him was pristine white!}

5. Leave to dry overnight - the smell of the Rust-oleum also needs to subside before you fill your jars with goodies- especially edible Easter goodies!

6. Fill jars and tag with a little message...we made brown tags and used washi tape in Easter colours, {I'll be blogging Easter tags another day}, as these will be the take-home party jars/ sweet bags for Audrey's Easter birthday party in a few weeks.

7. Stand and stare for as long as it takes- as these are crazy super cute!!

I'd love you to join me here in the weeks leading up to Easter!

There will be plenty of pretty cool Easter crafts 
a heap of fab birthday ideas as well...

If home-schooling was like this all the time,
I'd be soooo onto it!

Pinch & a punch for the First of the Month!



Thanks for taking a moment...x

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