A Creative Day & Cooking with Gwyneth

Afternoon from the beaches...

Hope you liked the first of the *Welcome to My Home* series- I'm crazy happy to be sharing all these bloggers, so different in styles, yet so similar in their love towards their homes.

It's Friday arvo here and is truly feeling like Autumn.
The light is different, the air is almost fresher and crisper.
The coast is so stunning as the seasons change- the water blue as blue, the sky big and full of clouds and beauty.

I've a weekend of creativity ahead...and I'm soo  flipping excited to be heading out to the *Unleash Creative Sydney* on Sunday....

Check it out here ...I'm so ready to have a day creating, and learning, and being completely inspired by a bunch of clever women!

Between all that paper creating and crafting, I'm also indulging in some *me/reading* time.
I love the anticipation of an hour on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon, coffee in hand, reading at least some of the books that make up my bedside pile reading list.

Usually this involves at least one cookery book- I'm so not one of those whip-it-up-from-whatever's-in the-larder kinda girls- I'm a total visual-measurement-to-the-nth-degree kinda chef who is always inspired by a cookbook full of gorgeous images and lush promises of great meals!

So, this weekend it's Gwyneth, and some home mag inspiration for our upcoming kitchen/dining renovations.

I'm getting the seasonal change feelings of being home, cooking and embracing the oncoming cooler months.

Happy Friday!

Hope your weekend is full of creativity and food!




  1. Her cookbook really helped me make some changes last year that have improved my health. Its a wonderful book!

  2. Enoch unleash creative - you will love!!!!

  3. Obviously that last comment was meant to be - enjoy! instead of Enoch!!


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