Decorating for the Season ~ Autumn

We've all heard about *shopping your house* as the season's change.

We all feel like a change, a bit of a *pick-me-up-shake-it-up* as the season's change.

Well I'm in the throws of just that.

You know I love Autumn, if you follow me on Instagram {here} you'll see that my whole photo colour palette has changed from the crisp beautiful blue's and white's of Summer, to the warm, soft, cosier tones of Autumn...I truly love that.

Instagram  is the perfect medium for me to record the change of a season- and although we are still having crazy, warm days in the low 20's celcius {70's } and it's almost Winter- the morning's are crisp and the evening's short.

Anyway...back to *shopping the house*.

I find the simplest way to bring what's in your head and heart, into your home, is to have a colour palette in mind.

Fot Autumn it's fairly obvious~ warm and rich tones to replace the cooler, lighter tones of Summer.

Our house is painted white through out, {though there is plans afoot for a darker wall in the near future} and it makes throwing a new colour into the beach house very, very easy!

I've gathered warm colours...stuck the brighter, cooler colours in the cupboard and am embracing my jeans every day now!

With the windows and doors thrown open to the fresh air, and the dog laying in the sun...I can almost, almost ignore the mountain of washing and soccer gear strewn down the hall in various baskets of laundry.

Coffee and a little house loving...or real life Monday morning chores~ you work it out!

This is the same room in different seasons.

I'm throwing a big heavy woven coir rug down in the Autumn room this afternoon.
I'll share the photos of the room when it's complete later this week~ it's lovely to start the week with a shift around...a fresh start as the year rolls on...

Happy Monday sweet bloggy friends!

Check out my little photo bomber~ too cute!



  1. Loving this Autumn weather, almost balmy some days. This is my first Sydney Autumn and I was expecting much colder. Love your soothing Autumn colours and relaxed style. Looks like a spot where I could happily curl up with tea and a book.

  2. great to catch up what you've been up to on the blog! Mxx


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