A Rain Drop Cushion- *Craft for Kids*

With the school hols coming up in a week in my neck of the woods, and with many of my friends up in the Northern Hemisphere on Summer hols- I thought it perfect timing to share a quick lovely kids craft or two.

{Perfect is over-rated with kids craftiness!}

Simple fun projects that you can build on depending on the age of your child.
Basing them on the age of our youngest {she's primary school age} I'm sharing crafts that I do at home with the kids, and crafts that our eldest {year 10 High School} takes to a whole new level.

This *Rain Drop Cushion* takes no time at all- and is SUPER cute!
It can be easily sewn by hand, or on a machine {depending on the age of your kids}.

You can add sleeping eyes...a sweet little yawning mouth- or leave it as is.

The less perfect it is, the more your child has actually worked on this lovely project- us mama's who love a little craftiness ourselves, really truly need to let imperfect be the catch cry on this one!
Believe me,  your babies will love you more for letting them achieve at this...

{Wonky is super cute...in a true kids project}

what you need:

fabric swatches
needle & thread / sewing machine
toy stuffing

what ya need to do:

1. Draw a raindrop shape on your paper free hand and cut it out as your pattern.

2. Turn your chosen fabric/fabrics right side together and lay flat. Pin your pattern to this.

3. Cut around your pattern - it doesn't need to be perfect! {My year 10 of course will differ greatly in opinion to this- but she's yet to have children of her own! Bless her!}

4. Hand sew {or machine sew if your child is old enough. My 9 year old likes to do both- but for this project snuggling on the sofa and hand sewing together was pretty lovely!} around 4/5 of the tear drops edges, leaving a gap to *stuff* your sweet shape.

5. Turn your rain drop right sides out and iron flat. Stuff with toy stuffing {alternately we often cut open larger craft cushions to make smaller projects such as this}.

6. Hand sew the opening together and cut off all your threads {9 year olds have random threads I can assure you!}

7. Throw love and amazement on your child for such crafty-cleverness, and cut out as many as their little hands or friends can manage...you will want many - they are so divine!

The first tear drop may be the favourite, but you could sew enough to make the sweetest mobile for your child's room, a wall hanging of rain, or a larger one with a sleepy face for their beds.

It's a simple, achievable project that could be done in a morning...

Please introduce me to a mother who doesn't like that kinda project!

Happy crafting kiddos!


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