D.I.Y~ Painting the beach house

I've come up for air...


I've had my head over a 20L bucket of paint, delightfully called *Stoneboard* for the last few days...

I have *Stoneboard* trackie pants, and a *Stoneboard* black tee and hoodie- {now my official paint gear}.

I have *Stoneboard* nails, and a sassy streak of *Stoneboard* in my hair...

My sweet husband, who finished the area's around the *too-high-for-me-to-reach-windows* dropped his Tom Baker glasses in *Stoneboard* this morning.

He momentarily lost any sign of D.I.Y proudness.

HE cursed the *Stoneboard*.

Anyway...it's been a few intense days- in terms of an arm work out and balancing life and a head cold.

But it's officially done, and I can return to blog-hopping and tea drinking, and clean nails.

As this is our year for renovating this little house by the coast, I figure I'm semi-project managing the whole gig by saving cash where I can.

I'll paint what I can and save hiring a painter...and that's more money for my windows out the back!

So, it's been head down and paint up here over the last week- and it's been soo crazy satisfying!

Instantaneous jobs always get me.

I change the sheets way to regularly because it's an *instant job well done*.
I wash towels way to often because I like *instant* piles of clean, fresh linen.

The house front also had an instant element to it. {Once I'd washed and readied it for painting}.
Soo satisfying!

There's been much tea drunk here this past week.
I've also indulged in good gourmet coffee for the machine here, and I've been baking bite sized cup cakes for the workers. ;-)

Job now done- TICK.
Next up~ painting the balcony floor and sorting all my pots around the front door.

Thinking the door may need a pop of something?
Is your front door a colour?
Happy {yellow}?
Dramatic {black}?

I'd also like a {cool house number} on it?

I'm on a roll people!

Happy long weekend if your from our 
neck of the woods!

 Happy Monday to the rest of you lovelies

Checkout this post from one of my Bloggy faves if you're craving a little reality and colour
{She is just too lovely}



  1. Ah. looks fab! would have loved to have helped - I am equallly a decorator who gets more on me than the walls! XXxx

  2. luuuuurve the colour! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ... and i am a very eager beaver to see how the reno turns out!! It could only be stylish with you in the driver seat! ♥♥♥♥


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