Enamel ware- my vintage jackpot

Do you collect stuff?
Stuff that really makes you smile when you find it by luck, as you're going about your day?

Do you rummage through car boot sales, second hand shops and garage sales with a mental list of what you wish you may serendipitously discover, by having just one last look...in one last corner...with *fingers crossed* just one last time!?

I have a mental list...

It consists of three things...

1. Enamel ware
2. Vintage China
3. Silver spoons

Enamel ware comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you really need to have your wits about you!
What can look ceramic from a distance, may actually be a simple, unusual piece of enamel ware.

See that soup tureen below- case in point!

I've collected a pretty fab stash of enamel ware over the years- especially on our travels whilst living in the countryside of England.

I discovered that English fishing shops hold huge secret corners of camping and cooking enamel ware!

I discovered that English bread bins can be found in friends garages full of junk!

I discovered that enamel French coffee pots, with no lids, sell for next to nothing in back street country brocantes!

My searching in Australia has also been pretty good so far.
Yesterday I finally hit, for me, the enamel jack pot!

A gorgeous morning wandering with three special girlfriends, through secondhand shops, coffee in hand, we celebrated a 40th birthday.

A second hand, vintage searching morning for a 40th.

Because that's how we roll.

Total rock.stars!

Anyway...that there ceramic-looking-but-actually-enamel-ware soup pot was my morning jack pot!

Yeah- we got cool vintage clothes...and handbags...and a sweet-as little country paddock painting...but the jack pot was this pot.

My girlfriends did not bat an eyelid at my happiness.

True girlfriends are like that.

My wonderful Swedish girlfriend even remarked that *a collection is a lovely thing to have in mind when wandering around isn't it*...she's sooo smart!

That jack pot set me back a whole $14

That's not too many coffee's in Sydney- like 3 1/2 if you're lucky!

there are other lovely ways to build up your enamel ware collection, from the comfort and warmth of your sofa...

Two heavenly on-line stores that I know you will get lost in, can help you out with that.

{The Lost + Found Department} and {Odgers & McClelland Exchange Stores}

Both divine and time consuming. Take a coffee to the sofa with that shopping hour!

Happy hunting- 
whether it's with girlfriends slurping coffee's
 quietly on your own, on the couch with a glass of red
Hope you hit the jackpot with your collection...



  1. Melissa, I collect the gren and cream enamel ware and was lucky enough to be offered a full flour to coffee set, including sago, many years ago for virtually nothing. A couple of weeks ago, on my way to Albury, I stumbled across a colander for very little at Gundagai. The hunt and the find is so much fun.

  2. Nice post! I will follow your blog as my pattern for decorating my kitchen cabinets next week! Thank you for sharing!

  3. That is gorgeous....and just $14, wow, what a find!! I wish you'd been with me in Paris back in April, lots of lovely enamelware there :) Xx

  4. PS I saw a pale yellow coffee pot just like the pale blue one in your top photo in Paris, am still kicking myself for not buying it!!

  5. Hi Melissa, Many thanks for mentioning our store on your blog. We appreciate it. What a fantastic collection of enamelware you have. It's so much fun to seek out pre-loved and new treasures. Warm regards, Megan


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