Summer holidays roll into School Days

The reality of this Summer break drawing to an end, is that I can allow myself to embrace the structure that a new year brings, like never before.

I think we all go periods of our lives, where structure and routine really do need to become the backbone of getting on with our day to day.

I'm not an overtly religious person- though I'm sure if I was, I'd have leant on the beliefs and structure of a church...or escaped to sit on a mountain and to contemplate life like never before.

Things are sent our way because we can cope with them.
They are thrown at those who need to learn something.
It's been a big year end for us...but the blessings from this have been ten-fold.
Inner strength and love is medicine for life.

So, with nourishing my heart and our family, I'm bidding a farewell to the Summer break, but not Summer.

I'm still hoping to bask in it's endless gifts of light, vitamins and feel-good vibes...

Happy Days to all who returned to school here this week after a wonderfully generous Australian Summer.


Renovations are almost complete...and I cannot wait to share them all here....

x Melissa x


  1. What a brilliant idea to fence off part of the beach for kids to swim! We don't have anything like that here. So safe. Thanks for your email today. Hope your children enjoy going back to school. Do your schools have air con? Enjoy getting yourself back into your usual routine.

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