Are you one of those people?

I read this post from one of my all time favourite bloggers this afternoon...and it sums me up on many occasions, and my husband would vow that I am *one of those* people.

I'm not one to aim for punctuality, as I'm almost positive I can squeeze one more job in before I head anywhere.
I'm not necessarily aiming to be late either...I'm probably aiming for that just right time!?

This year- being more present and more available is top of my list of daily life choices!

To be more present, may also mean I'm more on time...less distracted...and just hopefully less late.

I've been practising this each morning.

With three kids in three different schools, (this is not a new thing for our family, but my approach is!)
I've decided that I do not have a quick look at my phone or laptop in the mornings, until all three have eaten with me, all three have lunches packed and are dressed and out the door on various buses and I have dropped the youngest to school.

Is there such a thing as a quick look on social media?
If I hit IG sadly there is not!

The time I have found to do other jobs, and stuff, and to drink another tea...and just be with my kids before they disappear for the day has been phenomenal!!

And, I've not been late to anything- in fact, I've almost had to fill in that last 15 minutes that I usually race around shouting orders to anyone home, with a toothbrush in my mouth, looking for my car keys!.

Check out Jo's post...you may well be nodding your head!

x Melissa x


  1. I did always attempt to be on time, but now with a newborn in tow, I find myself late for everything. I'm so out of practice with little babies... Or perhaps it's just harder when juggling 3 children :-)

  2. M, love that you
    TOOK control! It
    was yours all along,
    but you didn't have
    it until you took it
    back : ) Bravo for
    you! Enjoy the fruits
    of your labor!

    xo Suzanne

  3. yep, one of those people I am, glad to see you are too, or better was!
    slowing down is what I started doing last year, really works wonders xx

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