The Beach House Kitchen Reveal

And so the kitchen came about...

And I love it more than Christmas.

It's become the total centre of our home.

Every part of it makes me smile.

There's been a lot of planning, hoping, drawing and love gone into this kitchen...and this renovation.

I'm no renovator (that's been made clear...LOUD & CLEAR!)- I don't like dust, or time changes, or cooking on a camp stove...or dust.

But I am a decorator with endless idea's and a need for changing it up a bit.

This space, with it's beautiful light, wonderful louvre windows, simple dark floors and large white walls, has proved already, to be the most gorgeous blank canvas for me to *play upon*.

Did I mention the subway tiles?

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I'm a little obsessed with subway tiles.
And totally obsessed with dark grey grouting.

Our Irish tiler, not quite so, but they grew on him...

I'm ok with others not being ok with our renovating decisions.

I've learnt that no-one does anything better than a professional.
I've also learnt it doesn't mean they have similar tastes, your tastes, or any taste.

It just means that they put your taste, into a building just as you see it in your head.

That's renovation 101 with the guidance of an Architect.

I still hate dust.

It's been a wonderful journey to get to this point...I'll share the kitchen details next post, as I've a coffee brewing and a chocolate slice in that oven there!

Happy Days!



  1. What a beautiful space! I'd never want to leave it either!

    Have a super week!


  2. A beautiful, bright & airy space. I love the dark wood against the white. I'm a huge fan of dark wood! Lx

  3. Love love love it! I would be so happy here :)

    Loving the subway tiles too!!

  4. I can totally see why it makes you smile. It is absolutely gorgeous xx

  5. Stuh....ning!!! And subway tiles with dark grey grouting . . . totally rock and roll. Your kitchen is a perfect reflection of you lovely one - bright, cheery, beachy, stylish, unique and uber cool. ♥♥♥

  6. You have a lovely home, Melissa! I love how the nautical look of the kitchen complements the idea of having a house by the beach, and the tiny splashes of blues added a whimsically charming vibe to the kitchen. You did a great job with the makeover. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes

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