Is it Tuesday?

Well, we are off to a good start to this week- all 3 bambinos home 'poorly'- the kind of poorly that is keeping the washing machine on overdrive!
It's amazing how disappearing into my studio for an hour amongst all the 'loving,' and
'hand-holding' and 'cleaning,' makes it all a little more balanced!
So.......I had a day of serious 'clucking' over the children and making some gorgeous cushions out of very special fabrics, and all their 'offcuts' in between!
I love using the 'bits' from my ends-of-fabric box to make a cushion.
It's recycling...green...and totally satisfying....and tends to create something you almost can't put together when you have greater options and more fabric!
I'll just go tend to my babies and then show you the final pieces......they have been made for others, but as usual I almost want to throw them on the 'couch' and make others some more!

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