fun friday......and sleepovers!

ahhh.......my familiar friday lunchtime ahhhh.......i just love fridays!

have muffins baking away for afternoon tea- audrey is having her "favourite & her best" friend anna over and they are in to amazingly creative muffin decorating.......& icing eating!
sol is at jacks after school- no doubt with a ball attached to his foot for some serious good old fashioned boy time....
and that leaves ella and i to drink tea.......ok and decorate cakes....you couldn't help joining in either if you were here...why is it that 4 year olds just make sprinkles & mess look like soo much fun!

now...friday also involves fresh playdough- so it can be built into monsters and wild things and then left out to go hard over the weekend{!!!!!}....and then thrown out for more to be made the following friday!

so after tooo many years making playdough for 3 kids here is, i promise you, the worlds greatest homemade playdough recipe!
it looks perfect kept in those 'Bonne Maman' jam jars - you know the ones with the red & white gingham lids- we seem to go through mountains of the stuff! this recipe makes about 4 jars worth.
and...this is a non-pan-on-the-stove-top recipe, so the making and the cleaning is a breeze!

{if you can see the crumbs on the recipe i apologise, i just have to nibble one of these muffins,sans icing and silver balls whilst typing!}

"our favourite & our best playdough recipe"
2 cups plain flour
4 tablespoons cream tartar
2 tablespoons cooking oil
1 cup salt
2 cups boiling water {see no pan on the stove palava!}
food colouring
jars with lids

basically join it all in a big ceramic kitchen bowl, divide it up & add colouring.

if anyone has a suggestion for making 'black' playdough let me know as our tigers are seriously struggling in the stripes department!
why doesn't our 4 year old just stick to pink princesses!

have fun and we all have an inner playdough child in us- i know this when i'm still rolling it into snakes for mini pots & i'm the only one left at the table..............

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