ohhh....look what i found again...

i am seriously meant to be cleaning out my studio, all the fabric, the lovely little jars of 'bits' {!!}, the endless books- why do most seem to be on Paris i wonder- and i keep finding notes of great sites and then the journey into cyber space, and neverending inspiration, begins!
i am a massive, compulsive list maker as my husband will certify {regularly}- and this makes for alot of notes and lots of things to return to & discover!
so, this hour- today there have been many- i have rediscovered a website from Australia- Melbourne is full of incredible arts, shops, fashion and is an endless pit of all things creative. This shop is from North Melbourne and their blogsite is well worth a read!

this is one of their gorgeous images- funnily enough  i had made 2 cushions like this for the kids playroom from sacks i bought in the south of France from a wonderful Brocante my mum had discovered on her many trips there! Can't get enough of type set of any kind on pretty much anything!

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