...miss audrey & miss anna turn 5...

...our littlest tiger had her 5th birthday party this weekend...
...she is either a gorgeous little tiger or a heavenly pink ballerina...

...a ballet tea party did not call for a tiger...
...it called for pretty & pink...

...& she shared it with her equally mad & gorgeous british bestie miss.anna...
...they are just sooo damn cute together...

...we made pompoms...

...& party signs...

...we made perfectly gorgeous posters...

...princess cakes...

...& party bags...

...we ran & danced...

...& wore fabulous jewells & ate from vintage china...

...turning 5 is seriously 'their favourite & their best'...

...& these two little tigers are seriously 'our favourite & our best'...

...but for one...the lure of the tiger suit is just too much to bear after all that pink...

...happy 5th birthday gorgeous gals...



  1. This is so cute! Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

  2. HI Melissa,

    I love the party snaps - you certainly went to a lot of trouble, but it was worth it. Believe it or not I'm envious of you being in England although I guess the homesickness is pretty bad. I'd live in England if I could - my husband and I will be travelling in Cornwall, the Cotswolds and Lake District for 6 weeks in August in a motor home. I can't wait :)

  3. Happppppppy birrrrrrthdaaaay Audrey
    Lots of love nbgr

  4. Oh Melissa, this party looks like the PERFECT party! I love it all - the vintage china, tiaras, lolly bags, cakes, pom poms....GORGEOUS!! I want my own birthday party to be just like this one!!! Your little blossom is just the sweetest 5 yr old. Happy birthday to your Miss Audrey and to her little friend Miss Anna - too cute:)~ Tina xx

  5. adorable, cutey pies, bestest 5th birthday I reckon....i want one just like it do u reckon i could get away with it....hugs rxx

  6. Happy Birthday our Ballerina/Tiger, you are perfect at both.......a big tiger kiss and cuddle to you and Anna

  7. Happy birthday little miss.
    Wow what a lot of pink, my kind of birhtday.
    Thank you lovely lady for my swap goodies, they are all fab x
    You're are in the post.
    Hugs, thanks for joining in x
    Catherine x

  8. Melissa, what a sweet post~ahh to be 5 again! your photos are gorgeous of your sweet one & her bestie!! I love your blog header & have been playing with how I want mine to look (I am a font freak & want it to look custom)~yours is by far the best i have seen, plus it ties in with your biz. {wish i had that sewing gene, it skipped a generation!} Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. hugs!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted you to know I love it. You have such great taste and a spunky way of sharing your love for life.


  10. The party bags rock! Thanks for showing us all your great ideas.


  11. So sweet.
    Love the giant photo of them in the background.
    I NEED vintage china.
    Great job!

  12. Just showing Julie your blog site and pics of Ella and Aud's birthday....Happy Birthday to all the kids from Jules she was thinking of you. What a great blog

  13. What a fantastic party, how lovely!! Those little girls are beautiful - and look so precious together.

    These are definitely the kind of the photos you look at and just think that life doesn't get any better than this....

    You throw a great party....any one of those things would make me happy these days - and I'm so much older than them LOL!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog - I am delighted to have discovered yours :)

  14. I just became your 38th follower...I don't know why I wasn't following before! I just love your sweet blog! Have a happy day!

  15. ADORABLE!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments, I wish you a wonderful day!
    Take care

  16. I love new followers, thanks for finding me! How sweet is this birthday party! Loving the crown and tissue paper flowers. You have twins, how fun! Happy Late Birthday, can't wait to follow you and your life!



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