...thoughts in images...

...life has been pretty *computer free* the last few days...
...a whopping big *stye* in one's eye is not congenial to looong thoughts & blogging... 
...so instead of any thinking & any more typing than is necessary...
...i'm going to share a bit of our half term hols with you in images...

...& if anyone has a brilliant *old wives tale*...
{as i like a remedy thats a little left of centre}

... or even a boringly *legitimate* way of ridding me of this awful thing...
...let me know...
...i'll love you for it...


  1. Ohhh hello sweetpea - don't fret. I have an old wives' tale for this (I have loads; I am abit odd like that). Warm a spoon in some hot water and then place the outside arc of the spoon on your eye. Honestly it soothes...

    They are stress-related so clearly you need a holiday/pamper session/early night depending on which of those three is most viable?! Early night for you then?

    Your half term pics look lovely - I especially like the tracks in the sky. Louise x

  2. Beautiful photos, so pretty!

    Sorry to hear about your stye....I haven't had one of those for years but, like Louise, I do remember being told that they were stress-related or if you were very tired. Just as well you are off to Greece soon....let's skip over the "stress" of packing for the whole family ;)

    I smiled at your comment on Lou's "bikini" post...where we go in the south of France, the beach is filled with French and Italian families - usually rich and glamorous ones it would seem. I actually really like this.....it makes a change from hearing British voices and often the Italian families arrive en masses with Nonna in tow....it's quite nice to watch!

    But what I do mind is that the youngest, most gorgeous, most toned and most model-esque women always seem to make a beeline for me and position themselves right next to me all day long!!!! Why???!!! The other year was a 7 ft tall Italian goddess with the deepest tan (on the day she arrived) and a stomach like an ironing board - and SIX children!!!!

    We have half-term this coming week....wish me luck as it is supposed to rain A LOT! We will be heading into town for one of our days out, weather permitting :)

    Anyway....have a wonderful time, I am sure you will :)

    Until then.....xoxo

  3. Ouch!! Hope your eye feels better lovely!! I have no ideas on how to get rid of a stye, but hope it has already gone away! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pics. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead:) Hugs ~ Tina xx

  4. Apple blossom, lilac... rissoles! Love it!

    *Deb* (I'm on your side-bar! Honoured, I am. to be in such fine company.)

    Happy holidays.

  5. Melissa....thank you so much for the most amazing comment today....I keep reading it over and over and I am honestly so touched by your words.

    I hope that your stye is getting better....and Greece of course is getting nearer :)

    Have a lovely day,
    Simone xo

  6. Beautiful photos...hope your day is beautiful too!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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