...bring it on...

...ok so it's the d- of all days today
...the end of our first journey through primary school
...oh i know we have two more bambinos to encourage & guide through p.s
...& i know that we have moved 15,000 miles away from home & are pretty darn good at dealing with change
...& i know that she is *more than* ready
...& i know we all did it
...but somehow when *your* first baby reaches this point... it just all feels a little...well big

...i don't feel that different to how i did when we took ella to school on her very first day
...her smile huge...her excitement uncontainable-yep she was the one who desperately wanted to go!

...it was a day, on the other side of the world, not unlike today...
...the sun was shinning...the sky a heavenly blue...
...yes i was slightly much much younger & her father was less grey ...well...he was also younger
...but it was pretty much the same...we were all there...

...i don't love her any more than i did that day...but i do love her differently
...& differently feels good
...there's more inside of her to love
...what makes ella ella is lovely
...& i guess i love the bits that we didn't make as much as the bits that we did...

..i now also love the *bits that she has made*
...the gorgeous warm wonderful person that she has become

...so in anticipation of a life involving high school...shorter skirts...attitude & bus travel...
...& you know...all that high school involves one in...
...i am loving sitting right up front & centre a little bit back today & watching our daughter smile...laugh & hug her friends...walking out the doors of primary school & into the next stage of her life...

...& i have lied to promised her at breakfast that there would not be too many tears...
...but on days like today *she assured me* that some promises were made to be broken...


  1. Oh my! They are heart breaking moments aren't they. Transitions. Growing up and away. Some sewing, baking and photography might be in order to see you through :-) An exciting new phase awaits.

  2. My daughter finishes primary school on Friday and I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it. How did my baby girl grow up so quickly?
    Such a time of change for Mums too.x

  3. I am in tears.

    You have done so brilliantly these last few weeks with the emotional rollercoaster of end of school play, major dance show (!) prize giving, etc etc etc..... Been lovely sharing it all with the MJ's. Well done you too Mummy (and Ritchie!), you have one totally gorgeous girl (well 2 actually, plus 1 gorgeous boy!) Love from the Charnleys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Ohhh such an emotional day - I will be very impressed if you manage not to cry! Even the thought of it starts me off and I have a couple of years to go! She looks beautiful though - of course - as all girls do at that age - just full of promise. So lovely. Lou x

  5. What a gorgeous tribute to your big little girl. I think you're definitely allowed a few tears on a day like this. xx

  6. She sounds like the best kind of daughter. I have one of those too and coincidentally will be writing about her tomorrow :)

  7. Tears over here! I love what you wrote about her!
    Mine is starting High School this year and I am feeling the same way! You said it so beautifully!
    Have a great day...and I hope she has a blast!

  8. those were such beautiful words Michelle, what a beautiful girl you have! And she is lucky to have such a loving mummy! sending you big hugs!

    Laura xxxx


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