...ahhhh at last....we can stop...

...school is out & summer is in
...the aussie beach gal in me says this *very loosely*
...summer as i *currently* know it is here...the sky is blue

...summer in ol'blighty brings my birthday...
...i'd never had a *summer* birthday till we moved to this side of the globe
...& i have to say i love it
..sydney winters, though pretty darn mild i now realise, can be pretty wet at times
...so i am enjoying the season change & being in the *summer birthday basket* for a bit!

...kids love planning a birthday for a parent if they are in semi-charge
...& i'm glad i told them asked them if they'd like to be this year
...cause they did good...real good!

...as much as i am a vintage...up-cycle kinda gal through & through...there is still nothing i like better than a serious ikea birthday fix with the kiddos!
...did i say they did real good
...meatballs & lotsa ikea bitty things you don't-really-need-but-sorta-do-good

...no swearing with a map falling off my lap wrong junction turns off on the british motorway by me
...no fighting talking loudly at each other by the kiddos
...lunch on time before we all became too light headed & filled up a third trolley for the kids to spin on
...& great success in the i don't need this at all shopping

...so now i am eyeing off the haul birthday gifts chosen amongst the chaos & thrill of sweedish style euro ikea shopping
...& am anticipating a lovely long summer of travel & kids, bbq's & blue skies
...i'm even happy to ignore the lack of real heat...& sand & 6pm drinks on the beach
...thats how happy i am to be in the *no-time-frame* bit of the year...

...for those of you having a summer- hope its lovely with a birthday in there somewhere...


  1. Another lovely post - happy birthday :)) I had my first summer birthday last year and was very novel to celebrate with champagne, short sleeves and sunshine in the middle of June!
    To para phrase slightly - 'oh to be in England now that summer is here' xx

  2. Happy summer birthday. We will be celebrating one at the end of August!
    Enjoy the summer "no-time frame". It should do you some good!

  3. happy birthday! we have 3 summer birthdays here..love them! have a great weekend

  4. One of my dearest
    friends in the
    world {far corners
    from me}is a Kiwi,
    so it is fun to
    compare notes on
    summer holidays
    and Christmas, since
    we are in different
    seasons! I think
    you are adjusting
    remarkably well : )
    Congrats on having
    one wee one out of
    elementary years. My
    second just finished
    this year, as well.
    There is a part of
    me that feels a bit
    of melancholy, but
    I just consider all
    of the positives and
    off we go! BIG wishes
    for a Happy Birthday!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Happy birthday sweetpea! And how nice to have a summer birthday for a change. My birthday is in December, and as a kid we'd crack out the 'slip & slide' (didn't have a pool - bugger!) and get all my friends over for a day under the sprinkler. Of course, there were no water restrictions in those days either! Sorry the weather isn't the same as an Aussie summer, but hey, you can always get the sprinkler going and pretend! Have a wonderful day, and well done to those kidlets - must have had good training! K xx

  6. Happy summer birthday to you!! Sounds like you enjoyed your ikea shopping - I went to ikea in brisbane the other day and came out the other end with an 'I've just been to ikea for 3 and a half hours headache'!!! So I guess I've had my fix for another few months at least. Don't you just love that place? Michelle
    p.s. I am having a bit of a giveaway over at mine at the moment if you wanted to join in

  7. Happy Birthday fellow July girl I'm still waiting for a Summer Birthday...one day! Ikea *love*!

  8. Hope you had a divine birthday!!

    Thanks for coming by Ada & Darcy this week. Hope you are having a delightful weekend too! Kellie xx

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a birthday spent at Ikea is a birthday well spent! I know I should stop complaining about the Brisbane winter, but I sooo wish it were summer again!! :) Hazel

  10. Thank you for your lovely comment =)
    Kat x


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