...little gals & tutu's...

...what's not to adore
...little gals & tutu's
...i just can't get enough of my 5 year old's ballet class
...the smiles, the costumes, the tears...
...generally mine & my darling friend janes as our girls take to the stage...
...or not...
...we don't mind a good tear at any time...for anyones kiddo...
...wish you were here...

...pop over to see my gorgeously creative friend michelle at paper tree design...
...she has a pretty lovely *giveaway* to check out...
...& she's from my side of the globe x...


  1. Absolutely beautiful, I just love the pink gingham!!

    Still in my PJs at 9.36am.....love summer holidays :)

  2. Oh that is just the most gorgeous thing I have seen in such a long time...adorable! x

  3. There is something so divine about pink ballet slippers and tu tu's. I wear the ballet pumps as slippers because I have 2 boys and so will never get to indulge my girly side! xx

  4. Ohhh the sweetest pictures. I am just in love with little girls in ballet outfits. Sweet. Sweet. Lovely. Lou x

  5. Hey - did you get new wallpaper??? L x

  6. Love the way they look so innocent in their tutus - the looks of their faces .... magic!!! Thanks for blogging about my giveaway. Hope you have a great week. Michelle

  7. So cute! I want my little girl to do ballet or something like that.

  8. So adorable! I always love your photos. They are so dreamy.

  9. Melissa!
    This is just the
    loveliest little post,
    and just what I needed
    tonight : ) I remember
    when my girl was in
    dance ~ only until she
    was nine, but it was
    fun while it lasted!
    A BIG thank you for your
    sweet comment on P&H
    about my friend Kathleen's
    journey with cancer. The
    surgery is tomorrow....and
    your words have brought
    great comfort to both of us.
    Enjoy your sweet dancer and
    big hugs to both of you!
    xx Suzanne

  10. And little girls with lollipops! Precious, I agree!!!!

  11. adorable! Really a lovely blog too!

  12. I smiled at your 'take to the stage...or not'. I remember when my Milly got stage fright on the big day and couldn't go on. What a lovely post Melissa. Amanda x


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