... a few little thoughts about my life...

...oh it's lovely to have *friends* here is this place... that just make you smile...

...the gorgeous leanne from Mrs A in the Cove...
...made my day today with a special flowery award...

...i love visiting her & her blog, as she is one of my special links to australia...
...she has beautiful girls, an incredible house & such a sunny giving nature...
...she always makes me smile...
...her blog is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s...

...this is leanne & her family...
...see now you want to go visit her too- she is lovely!...

...so now, in tune with this award- i am going to share with you...7 things about myself...

1. this move to ol' blighty with 3 kiddos & the husband in tow has, without a doubt, been the most wonderful, difficult, incredible life-changing experience we could have imagined!

2. i met my husband at his sisters 21st- she was a special university friend of mine- we used to gossip about how the *dating* was going without ever referring to him as her brother!
{ & yes she was my bridesmaid!}

3. i always knew i'd have 3 kids....i thought 2 was enough for a while...but i just never felt complete until our last little monkey angel came along...

4. starting my own buisness, * miss sew & so* , here in england has been totally enriching to my life in soo many ways...creating homewares & kids clothing makes me soo happy & proud...
 & now justify's my magazine obsession
{& multiple subscriptions}

5. i am obsessed with travelling...i don't think you can give your kiddos a better understanding of different cultures, languages, geography &  lifestyles than to take them travelling...
...experiencing first hand the wonderful variety of people the world is made up of...
...it encourages & embraces tolerance of others...

6. if i hadn't discovered blogging- & the incredible women this has led to...i know think i'd still be a frustrated writer!!

7. i *bask* in how *proud* i feel of my 3 children- moving across the world- everyday!

...now i guess the sharing of thoughts means i get to pass this on to some gals i find lovely...
...inspiring...interesting & part of my everyday...

Sarah from a beach cottage
Louise from lou, boo and shoes
Laura from my summer house
Amy from lucky number 13


  1. Hello hello. So firstly thanks for your comment - yes 'mixed emotions' just about sums it up. Yes. And a mention here for an award - that's always a delight and the second I have had today! How lovely. I did enjoy reading your answers. I would feel very proud of myself if I were you - moving across the world and raising a family away from your family. It's a big deal. I am always in awe of people who do it with gusto - as you clearly have.

    Having three children must be a blast and a handful in equal measure; I met a Mum yesterday pregnant with her fifth! Yep 5. That's just insane! Good luck to her! Have a great weekend, Lou x

  2. Sweet Melissa..Congratulations on your very well deserved award! I loved learning more about you. One of the things I love most about you is your attitude towards parenting and your obvious adoration for your sweet children..I just love it, you are such a wonderful Mama. Hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful weekend. I received my beautiful parcel this afternoon and feel like the luckiest lady right now ~ THANK YOU so much ~ XX

  3. Loved reading your list Melissa :)

    I totally agree about travel and how it enriches your life, I think it is wonderful to do it when your children are young.

    Am smiling at Lou's comment about 5 children - a friend at school has 5 - her 4th is the same age is my youngest - how she does I don't know, it's hard!!! 2 suits me just fine :)

    Happy Week-end to you :)

  4. Hi!
    Knew I wanted 3 kiddos too!
    Would love to travel more.
    So happy to be blogging along side lovely ladies like you!
    Oh so very proud of my kiddos too!
    Love your 7 things!
    Have a great day!

  5. Lovely post!!! And I can't wait to take my daughter to all sorts of wondeful countries. She's already had great fun exploring our bit of the UK.

  6. Hi Melissa, just found you through sweet Tina. So lovely to be reading these facts about you. Must be off to read some of your past posts...
    Wishing you the loveliest of Summer weekends! xx

  7. Hi melissa I have just come over from Tina's blog Rubies Place where she showed her beautiful giveaway gifts she received from you.
    Look forward to reading more on your blog
    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Lovely list Melissa - it is so lovely to learn more about everyone via the blog world- I too knew I had to have 3 children! Thank you also for your lovely words about me and my blog - we will have to meet one day when you are back in Australia. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Leanne xx

  9. Melissa,
    thankyou so much for passing this to me and for thinking of me! I feel so honored and so blessed to come accross such special people since I started to blog. I loved reading your seven things about yourself, your inner beauty really shines through your words.. big hugs 000 from australia! Do you ever plan to return? Do you live anywhere near newcastle? My cousin has recently moved there. (all my family are in the UK - i am originally from scotland). I am glad that you have managed to make a wonderful new life in England, it must have been a huge step for you. And so very brave!!!
    Thankyou once again Melissa, have a lovely weekend, Laura xxx

  10. Congratulations on your award! Its lovely to read about you! I hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie x

  11. thanks so much...for including me, wow

    of course I know exactly what you mean with number 1 and when you get back here I am hoping we can do coffee about it..

    I will have to think about mine and post them...wow 7 interesting things to think up!

    lovely post


  12. Good evening Melissa, just read your lovely comment. I popped in to wish you sweet dreams! Saw I did not follow you 'officially' yet, now I DO ^_^
    Lots of Love for the new week! xxx

  13. Hmm, no sweet dreams yet nut have a happy sunny lovely afternoon and evening! ;) Sending a big hug your way xo

  14. I think one child would be enough for me. Having three kids would be a lot of fun but lots of stress too. I'm glad that your happy though with your three child. That is what matters.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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