...why does it hurt so much to lose a pet?...

...we all feel a little *flat* here at the moment...
...it was not the most wonderful of country weekends...
...it was very sad & there were lots of tears...
...shed by all....

...one of our *beautiful* &  *soooo loved* cats was run over & died on friday night...
...we were up, in floods of tears, at 2am...
...my husband & i trying to *deal* with it...
...before we had to tell the kids...
...that part was just *awful*...

...so the thoughts i had to share with you about other lovely things in our lives...
...well...those thoughts have been *shelved* for now...
....why is it soo hard to lose a family pet?...

...i mean our focus is obviously on our children...
...they are just that- pets...
...but it hurts like it's somone in the family....

...we love you raffie rooster...


  1. hi, it is hard. its human nature. I have lost a few well loved pets, and I also lost my son. Its never easy; my heart goes out to you. it just doesnt matter, loving and losing: thats what makes us human I guess. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. prayers for you and your family/ laura xxx

  2. p.s. please dont feel awkward because of me saying about
    losing my son; I know many people do, but i am still just normal, i promise!!!
    laura xxx

  3. heartbreaking love to you all lost too many cats in my time and each on is missed dearly. Hugs Rxx

  4. Hi - Ohhh I am so sorry. We are no strangers to cat/car accidents - it's so sudden and unfair as introduces children to that element of life. I hope you can all in a few days get past that first raw pain and things will even out. Lou x

  5. Oh, you poor sweetheart! Our pets have always been adored members of our family, so I know how hard it is when one is lost. It makes it even harder when there are kids to be considered. Lots and lots of hugs to you all. xxx

  6. Oh No! So sorry for your family! It is always hard to lose a family member...and our pets are our family too!

  7. So so sad for you!!
    Its never an easy thing to lose loved pets. A hard lesson of life we all wish would never happen:(

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are so dear to our hearts...and children are so intimate with their pets. Take the time to mourn and comfort one another.

    I just got our very first kitten for my 16 yr. old daughter two weeks ago and they are like glued together already.

    After some time passes you may want to consider bringing home a new kitten to cheer you. ox

  9. Oh Melissa I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely pet - sending you and your family big hugs. Leanne xx

  10. Oh Melissa, I am SO sorry to hear that :( I hope the children are doing okay - and you too....thinking of you xoxo

  11. If it makes you feel any better sweetie I have been through this. And it rips your heart out. And it actually never stops hurting, the hurt just changes. I am so so sorry Mel.

  12. Oh sweetie! I am so sorry it has taken me so long to visit. This is such sad news for you all, but especially your gorgeous children! I hope that you are all doing ok. Wish I was there to give you a huge hug! You are such an amazing Mama. Take care lovely lady ~ T xx

  13. Hi Melissa - hope things are a little less painful today - I have tagged you for a little award at my blog so maybe that may give you a little smile today - if you have time pop on over. Sending more hugs. Leanne xx

  14. I remember when my Dad had to put his favorite horse down. Watching him with his back to the house, petting her and crying.
    We're human. And it's hard. Sorry. Hope your kids are handling it okay.

  15. Thank you so much for your comment on my photoblog!
    Your blog is so wonderful!
    Have a nice evening,

  16. So sorry to hear that news (and a few days late)...sorry about that too! I remember sobbing for days when I had to have my very favourite pet put down about 10 years ago now. I still miss Licorice the cat. I hope the kids are going ok..and you as well. Not much more I can say. Sadness takes time doesn't it.

  17. So sorry to hear this. I dread the day when we have to say goodbye to our dog. She is the only "child" we have at home now.

  18. Oh no! I'm so sorry! Hugs.


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