...my loved kitchen *bits*...& selective family life...

...i just want to say a HUGE thankyou to all those friends who commented or emailed me about their own emotional response to the weather...
...you british gals made me smile, reminding me that the weather is part of a daily experience in ol'blighty
...discussed on a daily basis...more people have an opinion on the weather than vote in this country
...& i get that!
...& there is no place like britian in the sunshine....green...green...green
...& that is definately a trait i cannot claim for the beaches of sydney

...& you american gals & your extreme school holiday heat experiences...have made me realise that often what you think you're in dire need of...what you think will make your life suddenly easier ...is actually just a re-think of the moment...not a tropical heat wave....

...so lets start from the beginning....

*top of the morning to you all*

i have been thinking about how i would share our big old house here in the english countryside with you...
i love to pop into have a read of a favourite blog, glass of wine in hand & i'm met with images of someones real-life kitchen....real-life hallway....alongside their real-life thoughts....

it's school holidays & the kids are incredibly messy creative
so i'm sharing the bits that i see amongst the chaos beauty of our daily life
fortunately...i don't always see a room as an overall image
i detest don't like furniture catalogues AT ALL
no soul...no quirks
so to share our lovely rambling old house with you i need to show you moments in our house that make up our rooms...& our lives...

i realise that this is not giving you a catalogue of our rooms
a page turner that gives you the entire view
this is a collection of images that make up our house...but in your mind

so all these bits make up our kitchen...
the centre of our big ol'house...

where the bread is baked...
where the muffins are iced...
where the chook is stuffed...
where the wine is poured...
& where the china is piled & loved everyday...

the kitchen is where school bags are dropped...
& messages left...

it's where we meet to talk...& argue about discuss the world
where i step over muddy dirty well-loved football boots
& where rubbish schoool notes, bills & magazines pile up
{you may imagine those, or not, i'm giving you the bits i like to pretend ONLY exist!!}

...it's where our days begin
& where our days end...
...it sort of exists in organised chaos...
...& i love that...

...today it is also covered in a drop cloth & some very old, very battered english stools that i am painting INSIDE...{no need to mention why...!!}
...they are for littler people to reach to higher places without getting me independently...

& if you like...*for me*.....you may also imagine some sunshine outside my windows...


  1. Enjoyed seeing
    this QUILT of
    your home ~ little
    bits that, sewn
    together, make it
    your own : ) !!!
    Happy {sunny?}
    xx Suzanne

  2. Now it's lovely to see a glimpse of your house...what a nice idea. I imagine glass of wine in hand...chatting about the weather! We are obsessed here for sure, I grant you. Infact my husband has just texted me and said lets go to the beach and I replied saying 'eh? it's not the right weather'. It's cold. Breezy. Summer but not quite sunny. You see? Even when fun presents itself, I am unsure because of the weather and it's suitability. Lou x

  3. I love this *walk through your lovely home! I dare say that my post today is a far cry for the satisfied life of a homemaking mother, but I'm sure this, too, will pass. Thanks for the reminder of the little things that make a day more pleasant, despite all the other *little things. xoxo Beth
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I love the details of your kitchen. It looks beautiful. I want to come to your house! What a great post idea.

    I also loved your previous post. I just got finished reading it. It's nice to know that other moms are affected by the weather too. It was a great reminder to live in the moment! I needed that, especially during the summer.
    Thank you. :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment, Melissa, and it's great to find your buoyant blog. You're very charming and go-getting and energetic, and I love your photos of the detail. Detail is always so beguiling when it's done right.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. Bone handled cutlery, wire baskets and patterned china - looks perfectly matched to cold, grey Pommie weather. If it's any comfort, there's no sun in my bit of Oz today either and we'll be out playing soccer in it shortly.

  7. You paint such a romantic view of your home and your life to me over here!

  8. A lovely post (as always!) I totally get where you are coming from with the weather - but I've not had much luck convincing the English to see it my way... (I'm sure you've heard all the same stock standard comments I get about why would you want to be in England when the sun never stops shining in Oz etc, etc, etc...)
    I love the way you've shared your house and the photos are so striking. The glimpses of the kitchen, the beautiful crockery, the bread bin... Just stunning :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend,
    Mel xx

  9. What a a beautiful kitchen and full of such darling things! xxxx

  10. Beautiful pictures! WHo needs sunshine anyway when being in such a lovely kitchen...

  11. Love these images. It's exactly what I have envisioned in my mind's eye of your life.

    And, those teacups with the blue flowers? Are they vintage? I think I have a cousin of theirs here in the states. I found this luscious teacup at a church bazaar sale and fell madly in love with it. I've never found another like it, but your blue ones are similar. Do you know anything about them?

  12. I just realized all of the cups have blue flowers of some sort. I'm talking about the first ones. Also pictured on the far left in the group shot.


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