...i like to think i know a *few* things about life...

...after 5 days of beach combing & salty hair i have come back to a lovely surprise
...a new aussie friend...who is also *surviving* the gorgeous wilds of northern england
...Melissa K from Hand Made Me has asked me to share with you 7 things

...7 things that i *absolutely know in my life to be true....*
...so after too much good seafood on wild deserted beaches
...& with the sand still happily wedged between my toes
...here are some thoughts on life...

* i absolutely know that the greatest gift you can give a child, besides unconditional love, is the desire & compassion to travel...

* i absolutely know that a creative full life is worth the extra chaos...an immaculate house is not always a thriving house...

* i absolutely know that family will be beside you always, loving you & supporting you, without prejudice & without criticism...& that you can *tease & joke* at your  with your kids if they are totally *sure* of your unquestioned  love for them...

* i absolutely know that nothing beats salt in the hair, freckles on the nose, sandy feet & beach towels flung over the line in the garden to dry after a morning on the beach...any beach...

* i absolutely know that our move to england, to a life we didn't know, has been the best adventure our family have ever shared together...how many families get to enjoy regular holidays in europe & the uk based on a *geography lesson*...& yes i clutch at straws to justify our travelling...ALL for the benefit of the kiddos & education -wink wink...

* i absolutely know that i consider my role as a mother second to none & that not all women understand that...

*...& i absolutely...without a doubt...know that *date night* with my husband is vital to our *keeping on track* with one another...to our laughing together & our respect & love of one another...although it doesn't encourage him to turn a blind eye to shopping bags...

...& another thing...i know that to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself should be a way of life...friendship is priceless...

...& so my thoughts on our life of love...kiddos...travel...chaos & the *other things in between*

...i must admit i would like to delve into the thoughts of all the women who *create* all of the lovely blogs that i follow...

...but i would like to ask two new friends in particular ...  to share their thoughts...

...Suzanne from the gorgeous blog that is Privet & Holly...
...i soo admire suzanne for her strength & her total commitment to friendship...

...& Beth from the equally lovely & witty blog Ruby & Co.
...a creative soul & five times cancer surviver...
...she makes me smile with her honesty everyday...

...this is for you two...


  1. Beautiful post Melissa, both in words and photos. I don't think anyone has ever enjoyed the British beaches as much as the MJ's. Well done!

  2. That was really lovely and I don't think I could argue with a single one of your truths. Off to check out your friends now :) Oh, and congratulations!!

  3. Lovely post and all too true. Fantastic to know that you are making the most of your opportunities far from home. Enjoy!

  4. Love all of your thoughts here! You are exactly right...on every point! Your children and your husband are so fortunate 'cause you really know what matters!

  5. Melissa-
    I love your list, love, love it! Oh, if only my family could come visit and go on adventures with you all for a couple of weeks...a girl can dream! What a wonderful mother and wife you are, a very lucky family you have! XO now off to check out these 2 new blogs, my favorite part!

  6. Melissa!
    Oh my goodness, this is beautiful
    beyond words. How often to do we
    really sit down and think about those
    values that we hold must dear?? And,
    I truly agree with all that you mention.
    I am so very, very touched and honored
    by your award for my blog; you are truly
    one of the kindest bloggers that I
    know! Thank you, sweet friend!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I'm looking forward to visiting
    Beth and getting to know her ~ thank
    you for the introduction : )

  7. Hi Melissa,
    Sounds like it was a very relaxing weekend away. I love your post! I love the thoughts on the importance of family and I totally agree with your sentiments about a creative full life with a bit of chaos vs. an imaculate house.
    I'm now following Suzanne's blog and I'm going to visit Beth's blog now!
    Melissa xx

  8. I love your photos and your thoughts.

  9. I just popped over from Melissa's blog and I love your pictures. I look forward to reading your blog in the future! Lx

  10. oh how I love your blog...your photos and your writing make me smile! and I am with you...freckles, sandy feet and salty hair..the best!

  11. Melissa, what a gift you have to voice these thoughts so beautifully. Off now to visit your friends. Amanda

  12. Congrats on your new award! These photos are gorgeous.


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