10 on 10....

...i did it...

...my first ten on ten...

...ten hours in my day...

...recorded with a photo...

...each hour on the 10th...

...that deserves a glass of wine & a smile...

...hope you get a little picture of my days...


  1. Love your back door... glad it's not just me that drinks 4 cups of tea before 11am... wish I could sew... I think I'm going to take a class... Your lunch looks delicious (mine was a cup of tea and a biscuit), welly-bobs (regulation footwear in Blighty), awww I miss milk bottles... and school uniforms... Bubbles at 4:30.... now I really wish we were neighbours... and a party?? What a day... Love the fact that I shared your day with you! Lx

  2. Hello fellow first-timer :) This was a fun experience. I hope I can remember to do this every month along with you! Beautiful photos. Yes, our day seemed similar!

  3. I love that idea! I might just have to give it a try. Your day looks fabulous...busy but great! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Your photos have such a lovely quality :) Great idea, "ten on ten"...very original.

    4 cups of tea before 11 is really impressive, even if only 2 of them were hot....I am going to have to up my game ;) LOL!

    Thank you so much for the comment, you are very wise - and really kind.

    Happy Week-end xoxo

  5. That was terrific. I especially love all those little toes in the last photo...what an aussie image even in the UK!!

  6. Isnt it fun exploring the magic each day brings!Fiona

  7. I like the 4:30 on Friday part ... ya know, the bubbles

  8. Hi Melissa,
    What a great idea to do! Enjoyed looking at your day! Night!

  9. Such fabulous photos as always Melissa! I love the first one! Such a great little peak into your day. Hope you enjoyed the nibblies and drinks, sounds like a very lovely end to the week:) Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Hugs ~ Txx

  10. Oh I love this!!! bravo to you!!!! I adore your back door and your sandwich looked delicious... and i'll join you for a cup of tea!!

  11. lovely...what a great idea, I hadn't heard of this, love to join in...hope the lasagne was good

  12. Visiting from 10 on 10! So glad you participated! Love your pictures! Looks like a lovely day!

  13. Is your day always so photogenic! I love this idea and your images look great as always. Love the Friday rituals - bubbles and movie night. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Xx

  14. Wow, love this! Such a great idea for a post and such lovely pictures!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Love this and
    have to remember
    to try it next
    month! Hopefully
    I will have a
    replacement camera
    by then and can
    do the task justice.
    Gorgeous pics,
    M ~ I really enjoyed
    every single one
    my sweet friend!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Your photos are always so lovely Melissa! I went away and found out exactly what 10 on 10 was after your flower post the day before in anticipation :)
    Looks like a great day and such a beautiful way to capture all those little moments that make you smile throughout
    Melissa xx

  17. LOVE your photos!! I love the uniform treatment and styling. Fabulous 10! You have a new follower!

  18. yay melissa, you did it!
    Naturally, i just love your day in pictures! and are you telling me you really get your milk delivered in bottles?! i can't even stand it, you are living my dream! :) i love your door, the mug, the cooking photo and of course the 4:30 picture...we really need to be neighbors!
    XO happy weekend!

  19. What an amazing set of photos. They are just beautiful :D

  20. What a lovely Friday. Of course I miss English back doors and milk bottles. My wellies have been getting a fair old work out here in Sydney for the last few months though. Well done on getting the ten in! Glad to see there were some bubbles happening as is appropriate on a Friday.
    Hoping you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  21. all that englishness has so made me want to buy a decent camera for my pending trip home. and i'm blaming you!! great stuff. x

  22. YEAH, Melissa! You did it! LOVE your photos. The processing is always so calming and peaceful. Is that a Dutch door? I am in love!

    You said you've sent emails? I haven't gotten any from you. Try kimgrowsup@yahoo.com. I'm going to see if your email is listed here and I'll send you one.

  23. What a lovely life you have! What a clever idea for a post, too! Your world is so lovely, delighted to find you and so happy to be your newest follower!


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