*a friday flower*...on a thursday...

this blogging life keeps one busy!

i love sitting at my new mac....& yep i'm still in the throes of serious apple lust...

in case your wondering....!

ahhhhh loooove....any way where was i...

this month i am, at last, going to do the photographic exercise that is ten on ten...

i have wanted to do this for....well every month...ummm...on the 11th!!

this month I AM READY!

& it's only the 9th!!!


my lovely new friday one-week-old tradition, which i am sharing with the equally lovely laura- *a friday flower*...i am giving to someone today- thursday...

are you with me?

you see tomorrow is friday the 10th....yep a conflict of bloggy interests!!

i'm not necessarily one to do lock myself into blog-responsibilities...but 10 on 10 is special...
it will not only record my day for me in a new way...it will be serious FUN!

so...today i would love to give *a friday flower* to the gorgeous...incredibly giving...gal that is 

if you haven't popped into visit simone & her seriously wonderful blog - you need to NOW!

if you read simone's last post...asking her readers to make a person she has never met, happier in his daily fight with cancer...you need to
 & you too will know why i wanted to give her a special virtual rose from the vine at my front door...

...simone my friend...thank you for being you....


if you get a chance...pop over to see the gorgeous american blog that is

where joy made me smile bigtime listing my humble blog as *blog of the month*

i can't thank you enough joy as i still feel like the new gal on the block!!


  1. And now I'm crying again!!!!!!

    Oh Melissa, this is just gorgeous, how lovely of you.....thank you so much. And thank you too for the email this morning....that was perfect and very thoughtful of you

    Okay, off to cry a little more now....good tears really but tears nonetheless :) xoxox

  2. Yeah! I can't believe it's Ten on Ten already. It seems like just yesterday it was August 10th. Maybe because I spent the majority of Aug in bed?!?

  3. Off to the airport,
    but had to check your
    blog before I left!
    I will visit Simone
    later tonight; Joy
    and I are already
    bloggy buddies : ) !
    I'm heading to Chicago
    to see my friend
    Kathleen ~ she starts
    her chemo this week...
    Big hugs,
    xx Suzanne

  4. and my buttons are bursting, too
    Simone just joined me as a follower.

    Wow, good times all around
    you little blog of the month chick-pea

    new header, too ... whew!

  5. Simone is an absolute kindred spirit - as are you. Lou xxx

  6. I agree. Simone is absolutely the best! I am new to your blog, and it is fantastic.

    xo M

  7. That ten on ten sounds such a brilliant idea. Can't wait to see your day in pictures.

    P.S I noticed the new header too. Pleased that mac is such a joy!

  8. Looking forward to seeing your 10 on 10 pictures. I'm sure they will be stunning. I love your flower. My roses did awfully this year... I think it was something to do with the fact that I kept forgetting to water them...Thank you for jumping on board with Friday Flower. I've created a linky thing (correct terminology only *cough cough*). Have a great weekend... I have a weekend of gardening... or attempting to! Lx

  9. Hi Melissa! just a quick note, thanks for stopping by me and I just posted a FF and made a link with Laura. Catch you later! Maureenxx

  10. Sweet, sweet post. And your rose is gorgeous.

    I'm not sure what 10 on 10 is, but have a lovely day!


  11. Just found you through A Place for Tea...I'm your newest follower. Off to check out Simone's blog. Have a great weekend!

  12. What a lovely photo, and gesture as well.


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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