happy holiday postage...

some of you this morning went to work & made a coffee whilst anticipating ing the day ahead...
some of you dropped off kiddos at school & met friends for coffee...
some of you *held your breath* like me...& then had a double coffee...

i popped into our lovely little post office this morning on my way home from school drop-off...
calm & smug in the delight that all my kids were at school happily & that the morning had gone *smoothly*, homework remembered, *school-photo-day-hair-styles* done & lunches packed...

& then it all changed....
as an *after thought* i asked the christmas postage dates for mailing abroad...
postage to australia FOR CHRISTMAS closes october 1st!!

err....that's 8 days away!

if you are anything like me...i DO NOT like to pay airmail at christmas when, if organised, i can get away with one hundredth of the postal costs & send everything seamail....
there is nothing worse than paying more for postage than the gifts themselves...
i'd rather buy twice as many gifts!

so...i had that STRONG coffee i mentioned...& hit the sewing machine...
creating all the gifts i had *cut-out* & promptly ignored!!

i love christmas...i really do...
i'm the one with the carols on rotation from mid-november...
the one making the cards late at night months before with a glass of wine & the first mince pies that the bakery puts on it's shelves...

so i now find myself, without pies, but with wine finishing, wrapping & bowing everything i've made...
& everything i've pulled out of my *ready-for-christmas-months-in-advance* present box...
thank you my oh soo clever & organised mother for instilling this trait in me well before i left home...
today i sooo love you for it!

so...tomorrow i am finishing up...
...shopping with my british bestie for all the lovely last *bits*...

...& i'll be the one having a mince pie & mulled wine come december 1...
...calm & just a little bit smug...


  1. The stocking is beautiful, I want one !
    Em xxx

  2. Oh, you are SO good!!! Love that you are organised - and not freaking out at a Oct 1 posting date!! That's next Friday.....eeeep!!!

    Your bunting is beautiful - as are the stockings - wow!!! Do you have an Etsy shop - or are you planning one? (Am wondering if the hopeful note in my voice is being conveyed in my comment!!)

    I owe you an email....blame my constantly avoiding being at home, as it's just TOO QUIET!! Ugh.....this is one transition that is really taking a lot of getting used to :(

    Happy sewing :) xoxo

  3. gahhh! I could never be that organized. I am so jealous. That's a trait that was never handed down and I always wished I was better at.

    Your gifts are gorgeous and your stitches are perfect. I stopped in the library today and picked up some sewing books hoping to try some projects to become a better sewer. We shall see...

  4. Hi Melissa,

    I love this post! I was really wondering were you woud go with it, like reading a book, have you considered one?? I'll buy it!
    And do you know of the 365 days christmas blog I love? the link is on my blog. Wish I was organized again, we will see with this new house if I can make some order in the chaos again.
    Enjoy the wine!

  5. Hi - I was literally reading this thinking - etsy shop? Where can I buy? Then Simone said it - spooky! You are super organised - I did consider doing some pre pre-christmas internet ordering, then thought nahhhh. Lou x

  6. oh how you inspire me!! Merry Christmas!

  7. So weird...I've just come off the the phone with my mum (she's coming out to visit at the back end of October). She said that the stores had already started piling high with Christmas stuff in Blighty, and so, she's expecting the order to go in from me... *good* mincemeat, Christmas pudding etc... Your family are very lucky to be the recipients of such thoughful and beautiful gifts... can't I claim to be a long lost relative?? Seriously though, do you have an Etsy shop? Lx

  8. Blimey, it's a good job I don't have to send anything to Australia. I could never get that organised by the beginning of October!

  9. I very much think that you are deserving of as much smugness as you'd like to claim Melissa! You are my new organisation guru! Christmas sorted by 1 October...extraordinary :)

  10. Hi mel, its so strange that you posted about this, as yesterday on the way to pick up the boys from school, I turned back and went into my old cd box and brought out some of my favourite christmas discs!!! And Harry Connick got a workout!!! Usually I am well prepared in advance too, but havent been able to get my head around christmas this year; till yesterday that is!! I am really looking forward to doing my friday flower tomorrow!! hugs to you,
    Laura xxxx

  11. Oh, wow, Melissa, that just takes the cake! I am supremely impressed with your ability to pull that all out of the air, and so quickly as well. And yes please, I'm waiting with bated breath for an Etsy shop! J x PS How you also managed to find time to e-mail me in the middle of all that as well is astounding.

  12. That's a really beautiful stocking! You're very creative. Kellie xx

  13. Mmmm, love mince pies! Ditto to the etsy shop query...love to find out more about your bunting & those cute christmas stockings ...oh and you've reminded me that I really, really need to get organised with gift shopping - thank you : )

  14. Every year,
    I vow to be YOU...
    All of it done,
    enjoying an egg
    nog {or two...},
    reading by the fire
    and listening to
    carols....Now you've
    whipped my mind
    into shape, especially
    because I have to
    get my Kiwi gift
    box off as I imagine
    it's the same for
    NZ as for Oz?? Loving
    your projects....
    xx Suzanne

  15. Oh, you are so organised Melissa! I'm hoping to be in Oz this Christmas, so I haven't worried about it this year - but I always end up sending my gifts airmail!
    I love Christmas too and I'll totally be grabbing those first mince pies the minute they hit the shops!
    Melissa xx

  16. Wow! To get all that done. You are amazing and those buntings are BEAUTIFUL. You've inspired me to get a sewing machine.

  17. What a post! I so enjoyed reading it and smiling while I read. I think I need to make a pretend deadline for myself so that I actually finish stuff on time because....I never do. So glad you were able to get so much done.

  18. ooh, i'm sitting here feeling really sick after eating too much butterscotch angel delight (got a bit excited about finding it in sydney and just ate the whole pack-yuk) hoping, soooo hoping that you are making my stocking in the 'secret' swap! ;)

  19. I was lead to this blog by Laura - My Summerhouse - and I am so glad I came. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing the beautiful things you have made. I too love Chirstmas and admit I was a little excited, though very surprised when I saw Christmas decorations for sale yesterday in a Department store.

  20. oh my! I CANNOT believe you are truly that organized...

    guessing my pressie's in the post then? ;-)


  21. Hi, nice to meet you and your blog.
    I loved your post.


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