life is lovely in new boots...

autumn is almost here in our english village in the countryside...by the sea....

& autumn had already begun creeping into the beautiful tiny welsh village of glyn ceiriog, where we spent the weekend...
our first photo of the changing seasons...beautiful...

oh to be 5....in your *favourite & your best* new autumn boots...
life is lovely when you feel lovely...

& little audrey felt like "a beautiful pirate"...
as i said to be 5 & to feel lovely....
it needs to be bottled up & sold...

so...boots on & scarf in hair she walked the welsh village roads reminding me that a new season is to be embraced...that collecting red leaves & pine cones is a lovely way to spend the morning...
especially in beautiful new boots...

...so as autumn is here i am happily cocooning myself up in my sewing room...
...christmas orders are in...
...pots of tea are endless...
...i am creating whilst the leaves turn colours at our bay windows...

...how's your change of season...
...i hope it's lovely & spent in new boots...


  1. Doesn't she look gorgeous in those new boots and that lovely wee red coat. And I'm pleased your little one is obviously feeling much better in general, not just happy because she has new boots! And, I know that it is meant to be spring here, and so new boots should not be on my mind, but I also wore my new boots today. Obviously not because I was feeling lovely in a favourite & best 5 year old way, but because new boots can be savoured in springtime too - if its still cold! xx

  2. You can just FEEL
    sweet Audrey's sense
    of her lovely self
    in these pics and I
    want that red coat
    and those boots for
    MYSELF ~ love those!!!
    I can remember the year
    my little girl was two
    and was in love with
    her red gum boots! Her
    hair was still short
    and we used to say she
    looked like Christopher
    Robin. Precious days.
    xx Suzanne

  3. Beautiful new boots, obviously perfect for twirling in! And that red coat is extraordinarily beautiful, as is your little princess pirate :)

  4. Oh my goodness, could Miss Audrey be anymore beautiful?? New boots or no new boots, I have a feeling this little blossom would enjoy life to the fullest! Such gorgeous pics Melissa, they just make one smile!! Happy sewing this week my lovely ~ Txx

  5. Hello there - now that is just sooo sweet. Little could be better than new boots and a red coat! I can still recall that feeling as a child of getting new boots and wanting to wear them all the time - sleep with them by my bed so they were the first thing I saw on waking! Oh dear. You can see that the habits of a lifetime don't fade fast! Gorgeous pics. Lou x

  6. Love the boots and that coat is adorable... Today is perhaps our fist day where we have needed a coat... but it will be a rain coat! Happy Monday! Lx

  7. what about a pic of you in your new boots?!x

  8. New boots and an adorable red coat! What more could a girl want? :))
    Lovely photos - just what is needed to help enter into the spirit of autumn at the moment! xx

  9. Oh my goodness, what absolutely sweet images! That adorable Audrey and her little red coat & shiny boots! I can just imagine your life, snug in your sewing room as the leaves change outside the window! We, too, are enjoying a beautiful start to our autumn and as I type this I can look up and out the window to our beautiful dogwood a lovely crimson! Enjoy! xoxo Beth

  10. Cute boots and GORGEOUS red coat! Hmm. Think I need one in my size.

  11. Darling photos!
    I remember getting new boots as a kiddo!
    I also loved wearing my Mom's patent leather boots with a zipper up the side! I thought I was so very fashionable!

  12. Just gorgeous Melissa and yes I do love it when my girls (and me!) have new boots! Funny isn't it that as the season changes I am resistant to taking off my boots as they are so comfortable (and my legs are so not the correct shade to be wearing sandals yet!). I find this in between season so difficult for shoes. Leanne x

  13. thanks for visiting my blog :) and following me :)
    your blog is very cute
    happy monday

    Betty Bake Blog :)

  14. She is adorable. The coat is adorable. The boots are adorable. My little ballerina just said she wanted some boots. I was so happy to hear her say that. I can't wait to take her boot shopping.

    and, shhh...don't tell anyone, but I just bought myself some new fab boots. Bought them at a great price, but still spent more than I should have! :)

  15. Such adorable pictures! She looks like a princess!

  16. She is just GORGEOUS....lovely boots and that coat is just so lovely :)

    Love these photos :) xx

  17. How gorgeous is that red coat! And I love the boots. Great outfit.

  18. Oh yes, to bottle it and sell it, i agree! i love to watch my little Charlotte look at herself in the mirror, admire herself, smile at herself while twirling around in her dresses...too bad we can't feel the same way about ourselves as adults. : )
    LOVE her boots as well as that darling little coat. Hooray for Fall!

  19. Adorable pictures!!! So very cute :) Our weather has been very hot here, I'm ready for fall! Thank you for your visit I'm loving your blog!

  20. You have trained her well. The sheer joy and very stylish moves are beautiful to see. Her coat is stunning, what a gorgeous girl!
    As for here, we are beginning to see spring, the blossom has started and I have been picking flowers.....

  21. Stunning photos! That is one gorgeous jacket/dress! She does look like a beautiful pirate! :D

  22. She's an adorable pirate! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  23. And a little red coat with ruffles - what little girl wouldn't feel lovely!

  24. Thankyou so much for visiting and yes please do drop by again!
    I loved catching up on your blogposts but I would have loved to see what you sell and make. I'm curious you know ;)
    Your daughter looks like a doll! Where did you get that fabulous coat?

  25. Oh she looks absolutely beautiful! What a magnificent coat and boots - I would rather like that outfit for myself!! Lovely blog xxx

  26. Well doesn't she look lovely - I think new boots are what we all need at the beginning of Autumn to make us all have happy feet!!!
    Jill x

  27. Oh how I would love to be lovely and five and a pirate. And I couldn't agree more about how lovely life is in a new pair of boots... It certainly is the season for it, isn't it?
    Have a fabulous rest of your week my friend!

  28. Oh, little Audrey is so cute wearing those boots! She really acts like a real lady, looking really lovely with poise and grace, in front of the camera, and I must say, she looks like she has what it takes to be a model someday!

    Lisette Laughlin


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