*ditching* daily life for an italian lunch...

morning all...autumn has hit our countryside village this morning with gusto....& our boiler is on the blink!
in plain english {ie for my aussie freinds!} this means NO hot water & no heating!
so i have been showering elsewhere {thanks british bestie} & ignoring the grime on needs of the kiddos!
i have a woollen *knotted-snug-round-my-neck* scarf {thanks mum!}, boots, a jacket & a hoodie on...
& i'm inside...!

so....i'm letting my mind wander back to last friday-when it was warmer...
& the hubster & i ditched work & went out for lunch...

i was never one to wag...bunk off...ditch or ignore school...
i like to think i was sometimes cool at school...but i'm quite sure i wasn't...
i just didn't see the point in wagging...which was of course the epitomy of cool...

but now, as a parent with sewing orders hanging over my head...& having moved countries for the hubster's work & all...*we* have become waggers! 
partners in ditching crime!

we refer to these days as our *mental- health days*...
as in..."we soo need a *mental health* day"...
then we look at each other smugly...
drop the kiddos to school...
wave the h.s gal off on the bus & head home...
to dress up & book a village table for lunch...
i'm sure you are liking this *mental health day* stuff aren't you!!!
it's quite catching...

you see i never felt the need to *wag* school to hang out on the beach when out school sports were surfing, beach volleyball & lifesaving...
but i totally see the need to *wag* ones daily life when you live 15,000 miles from family who would otherwise have the kiddos for a sleep over...
therefore allowing you to see your partner in daylight on your own!

so...every now & again...we have a *mental health day* & then feel totally back on track...
it's VERY different to a date night...
it's daytime...with people doing friday luchtime village stuff & we are having a bottle of italian wine & a bowl of risotto watching life go by...with no agenda but school pick-up...

sounds a little tempting doesn't it...
we absolutely encourage you to get a little *bunking* in your life
don't let the kiddos know that you encourage ditching school
but that you embrace looking after one's mental health
...trust me...book a table...& feel a little special for the sake of it...


  1. I SO need a mental health day. Yes I do :)

    What a great post and great idea....the Italian lunch looks delish...bruschetta is one of my absolute favourites!! We are thrilled that a Carluccios is opening where I live....it may well be full of mums claiming mental health days ;)

    We have had the most gorgeous sunny afternoons this week but this morning I too was wearing my warmest woollen scarf. Keep warm!! xx

  2. What a top idea. I bet you feel like new people after that, just ticking in a few of those in my diary!

  3. I'm also a wagger!!!!! But how does your other half manage to get away with it? Does he not hav a boss? Great post.

  4. Hi sweet mel,
    I am very big on wagging!! and my husband is like , the king of wagging!! Mind you, he works away and its full on, then when he gets back, it is so hard for us not to do housey stuff, we have friends to catch up with, things to buy and see and do... But at least we can do it all while the kiddies are at school. Its wierd being alone together...; during the day... getting to know each other again! Its fun! Dont stop wagging!!! Laura xxxx

  5. Oh yum that looks perfect! I never succeeded at wagging - was too scared of the consequences - still am!!! Hope you are well. Leanne xx

  6. Hi, new girl here, wanted to say that I love, love your pictures.

  7. Now that I work 4 days a week I feel like I have a MHD every week. It's glorious :) I just came home from the movies (Eat Pray Love) and your photos remind me of the Roman feasting in the movie.

  8. Good on you... My hubby must have it bad at work... his boss actually told him to 'take a mental health day' (actual words)... his mental health day at home would mean dealing with our lovely screaming kids... he declined the offer and asked to just sit in his office for the day... smart choice me thinks! Although next time, I think we'll do it your style and ditch the kids somewhere... if only someone would take them! Lx

  9. This is right up my street. Infact last week my hub and I did slope off for a fish lunch and had oysters and sancerre (my all-time fave) before the school run. Garden leave really did have its advantages, however it's over now and he's started work. Oh well - will have to arrange a mental health day soon... Lou x

  10. oh, i love this! we totally need to do this if eric can ever get a day off but we would have to find a babysitter for the little one...hmmm....i don't care, i'm doing this soon! sounds wonderful, especially since you kind of have to sneak around a bit to do it.
    ha! i guess wagging is what we call "skipping" school...funny :) what a lovely lunch, i can just smell that basil, yum!

  11. You crack me up, Miss Melissa! A fabulous concept, I agree. I just have to wait another 3 years until the pixies are all at school...J x

  12. A mental health day seems like such a good idea!! And really hope you get your boiler sorted out soon before it gets really cold!

  13. Love this! Lunch dates are wonderful.

    BSD and I rarely get a chance for Date Night (for the same reason...no local family) so we do lunch dates regularly instead. He's been away for a few weeks now and he just sent me an email saying, "I miss our lunch dates." We are on the same wavelength.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I LOVE your blog and your pictures--so glad you stopped by so I could find your blog :) I'm a follower!

  15. When my hubby isn't
    traveling he is often
    working from home and
    he loves it when I
    prepare lunch for him!
    Sometimes we go out,
    but since he has to
    come back and be coherent
    on the telephone we
    don't do the wine and
    linger thing....THAT
    we save for holiday
    sans kids....which we
    have coming up very
    soon : )!! I was never
    a wagger {love that
    term!}, either, in the
    day....But now, bring
    it on!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Sounds like fun. I could really use a mental health day! That sandwich with all the tomatoes looks fabulous...a glass of wine, a hot bath, some chocolate, I digress!

  17. New to blogging and have just found yours via another (and so it goes on and on...I'm getting quite lost in blog world!)
    I am doing the opposite to you and living in Australia having previously moved from Yorkshire. Lovely photos on your posts, I'll be popping back for a bit of nostalgic viewing. x

  18. Mental health day! Genius! Looks like so much fun and excellent therapy for the soul!

  19. This is awesome! I love mid day dates. It brings me back to the time when we were dating, no kids, no worries, no mortgage just him and I. OK back to reality! Enjoy your weekend!
    I love your blog!

  20. Truly enjoyed reading your post! Beautiful idea!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Love your blog!


  21. So true dear Melissa! I loved this one! We have to do this more, cheers!
    Maureen xx

  22. I am TOTALLY liking this bunking work idea. Now I just need to convince the hubs who never takes a day off work!

  23. I could so go for a mental health day soon! It's so important to find the time for it! Thanks for the reminder!

  24. My husband takes many mental health days. Maybe I have to learn how to join him! It is so important to take a little time out just for yourselves I think. Love your post Melissa. Xx


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