*a friday flower* to a beach gal blog friend...

can you believe it's friday...? my favourite & my best! i love fridays...!
is it odd that i can seriously love a day like i do...?
so...with a big grin...here is my *friday flower*...representing my favourite day...
god knows what they are....!
all i know is that the kiddos & i just had to buy them...& touch them...& carry them around the village...

yep...these *whatcha-me-thingys* are soo lovely & touchy-feely, that they have been very kid-handled loved & not spent a great deal of time where flowers would really rather be...
in a vase away from busy little fingers...
so to the credit of these flowers have survived all types of rubbing, pinching, rolling and flicking love & they still looks like beautiful puffy tissue paper balls of lovliness....

funny enough these remind me of an aussie blog friend...
a fair english lass with a wicked sense of humour & a heart for her new homeland the size of australia...
she loves herself a house full of white fluffy balls & once her inner martha stewart is released...
she can produce a truckload of white puffy loveliness that even her b.c family can not turn a blind eye to....

so in light of all things gorgeous, white, sandy,  fluffy, creative &well just beach lovely...
i would like to send these *whatcha-me-thingy* pieces of heaven to the delightful

...sarah is my special little link to my sandy salty beach life back home...
...we would live a stone's throw from one another if i were not in the english countryside...
...i am from the beautiful beaches she has chosen to be her life...
...& that of her gorgeous b.c family...
from me in your neck of the woods
in *our* neck of the woods
happy friday & i hope you like your puffy balls of lovliness
my *friday flower*

if you'd like to link up
share your virtual flower with us just hit the link below
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  1. hi there sweet Melissa, I think they are a type of chrysanthemum!! I could be wrong, but i did do a little bit of floristry a while back... which makes me think àaaagh`dont touch !! your kids should definently touch them and play with them and enjoy them!! (and you too!) they are gorgeous! I have a flower for you too!!
    Hugs to you, enjoy your friday and your chrysanthemums!! ( i think!!)
    Laura xxxx

  2. I thought of Sarah as soon as I saw these flowers... she must be synonymous with fluffy white balls! Have a great week. Lx

  3. I think Laura's right - they are chrysanthemums, and very lovely ones. I miss the fact that flowers are much cheaper in th UK and I would always buy a bunch with my weekly grocery shopping. Enjoy them and the weekend. X

  4. Yay...i am following - it finally worked! those flowers are really fun. Happy weekend and enjoy the crisp cool autumn days Melissa x

  5. Lovely M,
    they will open very big, wait and see, the kids will love it! (being from flower country, these are normal flowers to see displayed, so it's funny to me that you don't know them). Good choice, fluffy for Sarah, I think she would like them. Happy Friday, with wine for you and more coffee for me! Bye!
    Maureen x

  6. These are such beautiful flowers ball of love!
    I have just found your beautiful blog and so enjoying reading this post which made me smile and laugh. Thank you for a beautiful flower to bring sunshine to the day.

    Have a lovely weekend

  7. Lovely flowers,
    me a bit of dahlias,
    but I think they
    are mums. Enjoy
    your Friday and
    your weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  8. wow they remind me of me

    this made me get a little tear in my eye, you are so kind and sweet, I just got up down under, went outside to listen to those Aussie birds on the deck with a cup of tea...thought I must go check my virtual pressie from you...thought you would like to hear these birds, they'd remind you of home...then I thought how much I'd like to hear the birds in your place, I miss birds...and England getting crisp & walking in my wellies in the woods...not quite as much as walking in the bush or on the beach but in my rose tinted brain well very nearly

    I believe too they are mums...I am pretty sure I've come across them here, but not very often...

    have a very

  9. Whatever the flowers may be--you captured them beautifully! Just lovely :)

  10. I added you to my blogroll today so that I am sure to stop by daily :)

    Have a great weekend
    XO Laura

  11. Such gorgeous flowers... for a gorgeous gal... from a gorgeous gal....just GORGEOUS!!!! ~ Txx


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