sandy cousins & halloween styling...

so we dusted off their sandy feet & put the aussie cousins on a train to London...
two little gals & their very excited...returning to london *with bambinos* mama...
off to have *tea with the queen*...
& whilst they rode red-open-top buses, watched the changing of the guard & fell in love with squirrels in beautiful london parks...
we created a little world of halloween for them...

halloween in the sunshine of a long-sydney-springtime-evening just doesn't cut it...
so we've created a little moment of halloween here, as we all imagine it must be elsewhere, when we are in australia...
you know when it's really darker & colder & spookier...

costumes are being created, re-sewn & shared...
pumpkins have been gathered ready to be cut & stuffed with candles...
& the trick or treat route mapped out...

i'd like to think there's a little smattering of style going on with our *halloween bits*......
but i feel i can only avoid true child-friendly-kitsch for so long...
i just know, between the five of them, that i will be met with a gorgeous grin & a hand drawn halloween *something* that will *absolutely have to be hung* over my wreath on the front door...

& true to form...
i will tell that child how *creative & wonderful* they are...
& i will proudly & happily hang the creation over anything i've managed to get up there first...
& i will think how do these other lovely creative blogging women manage to have stylish magazine worthy mantles & live with five kids...

& then i will straighten up the kiddo-made creations, smile to myself & enjoy a glass of wine with my sister-in-law & the hubster...
wait for the phone call from my british bestie to tell my about the scrawled halloween masterpieces she's had to move her gorgeous-autumnal-inspired-halloween-wreath over for...

& we will laugh at my lack of CEO management skills...
but we will love our very special front doors...
the neighbours kiddos will love our kiddos front door...

& i will love the cousins sharing these special times...
...so for now i will just sit & watch all the memories being created...


  1. Beautiful photographs, wonderful thoughts, and reflections based on love. What more can a post bring? :) You have such a lovely blog! I enjoy my visits here.

  2. That put a smile on my face this morning. You have a wonderful gift with words as well as halloween decorations :)

  3. I want to come knocking on your door for Halloween!

  4. happy halloween! child created masterpieces are the best kind. i always say the day will come when my home will be perfectly tidy and decorated and then i will be sad, because i get so happy looking at my mantle full of acorns and leaves (and rocks) picked up on walks and seeing their artwork displayed on the walls (and front door). so enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. I love the chairs on the pumpkin - so perfect!

  6. Oh, I do love the pumpkin perched in the bucket! How cute. Hope they had fun in London. Sounds wonderful!

  7. i think you did an amazing job! i know you all will have wonderful memories! enjoy!

  8. oh, these are fabulous melissa. the children are going to adore getting to experience halloween with your family! such fun times. i am thinking right now that i wish i was seeing the changing of the guards and riding in one of those buses right now...sounds like a blast!

  9. Aww, so lovely that some of your family get to experience chilly halloween! My kids love to *add* to all my decorations too... usually with rocks, but then again since having kids, I seem to find rocks everywhere!!! Happy start to the week! Lx
    Oohh I forgot to add... love your front door... If ever I were to live at number 10, it would have to have a black door... as it is I'm at number 8... only a couple of doors to go!

  10. hurray for Halloween! You did a great job of getting decked out for the occasion and the little masterpieces they create will be the icing on the cake. Enjoy your family!

  11. oh, the entry to your house looks so warm and inviting...we have some fun little Halloween activities organised this week. fun....we would love to trick or treat at number 10 that's for sure! x

  12. Love the front door, it looks fabulous and the little champagne topper chairs on top of the pumpkin are adorable! Happy trick or treating!

  13. Oh my goodness, I love everything, what beautiful photos! Really loving your blog, what wonderful memories you are building for your family, cheers x

  14. What a great post - again. Beautiful photos so well put together. A joy to read and admire.

  15. That is a beautiful wreath!

  16. I think YOUR mantle
    is magazine-worthy!
    Love all your bits
    and pieces and I
    KNOW just what you
    mean about their
    that eventually
    slows to a drip
    and then is gone...
    So enjoy it while
    it lasts : ) !!
    PS: Mine still love
    Halloween, though ~

  17. Beautiful! What a lovely post :)

  18. Those little champagne chairs are so cute!

  19. Enjoy your sweetpeas' creations:) Love your wreath, love your champagne topper chairs and LOVE your words:) ~ Tina xx

  20. Oh... that front door is so inviting! Just like you!
    Have a great week!

  21. Have I told you how inspiring you are? I love reading your blog!! Happy Halloween!!

  22. Lovely post and photos. I love you saying to watch the memories being made. So true; a great reminder

  23. absolutely loving your photography!!!!


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