10 on 10...capturing the small moments of my everyday...

10 on 10

ten photos of my day...over ten hours 
on the tenth day of the month

9am...the window in my sewing studio
checking emails before the school run

10am...inside our front door
french fishing nets
a badminton set
vintage windbreak
endless muddy wellies
baskets of very loved footballs

11am...stuck in supermarket christmas isle
went for loo paper & washing powder!
vowed to not add to reindeer collection
remember that i passionately hate supermarkets

12noon...drove home with camera on lap
clicked this across a farm on the edge of our village
love that after a supermarket trip 
i drive the whole way home past working farmlands
makes me hate that particular supermarket a little less

1pm...hear that beautiful baby Bea has been born to one of the school mums
the first baby announcement my new i-phone has recieved
know in my heart that this is good luck for little baby Bea
think i will name my i-phone Bea
cut out baby Bea a special welcome to the world cushion

2pm...eat a very late lunch
whilst checking off orders i've sewn

3pm...gather the orders into piles
stamp tags
wrap in black tissue
race out to school pick up

4pm...h.s gals maths homework
amazed at how much smarter than me she is at maths
amazed at her in general
love that she shows me all her finished work
know her work ethic is being adopted by her brother 
who is doing his first on-going assignment with enormous enthusiasm
& love that he asks her for help & for her opinion

5pm...early pasta & vino dinner with kiddos 
hubster at premier league football {read soccer if a sandy aussie} game in the big city
football {ditto above} mad son out for elite squad training
gals & mama at home eating italian together

6pm...a few ballet moves in jammies
tonight happiness is an early dinner
a glass of wine
remembering to capture moments of the everyday


for more 10 on 10 journals
visit here
hope you enjoyed the smaller moments of your day


  1. such a lovely 10 on 10... you late lunch looked delicious!!

  2. Aww so beautiful... I have a big smile at little Audrey doing her ballet moves. Edie keeps asking to start, but we haven't sent her for classes yet... I think the hubby is procrastinating (many hours spent at his sisters recitals)... Our family dog is called Bea (Beatrix... after Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill... again because of the hubby)... Oh, and after seeing your wine... I think I'm going to have a glass of red! Thanks for the inspiration! Really wish I could share an actual glass with you! Lx

  3. Love this set! You know I especially love the jammie ballerina! :)

    It's also always so gorgeous to see the foods you prepare. Reminds me of our family trips to Europe eating crusty bread and salami with mustard. Yum!

  4. What a lovely set of ten!

    I enjoyed your day...and now I'm hungry. You eat good, girl!

  5. what a beautiful post!!
    makes me think of these smaller moments of our day & smile.

  6. Gorgeous photos Melissa - and I love the light on the little deers.

  7. nice work! i love those reindeer! i'm impressed you passed them up!

  8. Love it. What a lovely tale of your day. A very full day indeed. I love the sky snap and the silverware actually Melissa, I like them all.

  9. What a lovely, lovely post. I spotted "Tesco" on your iphone and instantly got a pang of supermarket envy - I actually miss Tesco?? How sad! Love the idea of capturing a day like that. x

  10. I love, love, love your 10 on 10's! So gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing parts of your day with us.

    ps Miss Sew and So do you taken on-line orders? If so where could I find you? I'm really liking your bunting and my gal (11yr old daughter) loves your Jack cushion (bottom of blog).

    Alison : )

  11. I love this... such a nice peak into your day to day life. I especially love the ballerina moves :)

  12. Hi Melissa!
    Well, again, a peek into your day is so lovely to watch, your pictures are really good!
    And you know, you have your own style, in writing and photography that I begin to recognise as you! Love the little ballerina moves, and the curtains.
    Thanks for sharing your day Miss M., loved it!
    Maureen x

  13. Dodgy supermarkets aside...that looks like a fabulous day, and beautiful photos :)

  14. Hi melissa, love the 10 on ten posts!!! i really do! And you know what, I REALLY, REALLY hate supermarket shopping too!!!
    got to run, number three is begging me to go to bed with him `right now` !!!
    Laura xxx

  15. Very nice!! My favorites are the reindeer and the first photo. And the dancing is so cute!

  16. What an amazing idea! Loved all the photos.~Cheers Kim

  17. What a wonderful idea to capture your day like this. This is something we all should do. I believe that down the road it would be a treasure to look back on. You accomplished a lot!

  18. Just stumbled on your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your 10 on 10 ... I'm also an expat aussie mum!
    Have a great weekend Melissa

  19. Busy day! My favourite was your daughter's maths book and your musings about your admiration of her talent for numbers and her work ethic. And your son asking his sis for her advice on his school work - just beautiful! Your love shines through in your words and photos.

  20. Dearest Melissa
    I just soooo love this post!!!
    This is sooo me as I was at your age....
    Enjoy, capture, imprint in your brain these moments - they are so beautiful to look back on in years to come!

    " Quote from you.. 6pm...a few ballet moves in jammies
    tonight happiness is an early dinner
    a glass of wine
    remembering to capture moments of the everyday".

    Melissa that was our house, our lives 20-25 years ago - ooh I could do it all again it was so wonderful!!

    Shane xx
    ps Aprons finished and ready to be parcelled up with all the extras for their Christmas opening in France - thank you dear friend.....

  21. oooh, i love your ten! fabulous pictures, melissa. your little one looks absolutely adorable in the last photo. and your meals...yum! if we visited would you cook for this like me? : )
    love the bunting! have a great day!

  22. Hey lovely,

    Did I tlel you before that your photos are really outstanding. You've got the eye, girl!!


  23. Your lunch has me
    craving something
    that's similar. Yum.
    I am closer to replacing
    my stolen camera and
    hope to join in on
    this lovely, lovely
    idea one of these months.
    It was fun taking a peek
    into your life. I hate
    supermarkets, too!!!
    xx Suzanne


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