*a friday flower* & our kiddos....

well it's friday...already...!
can i just thank everyone for our coffee catch-up yesterday...i love you all coming over on a tuesday!
{next friday i will be zooming to the airport, with the hubster, while the kiddos are at school to pick up my sandy-toed sydney based folks for christmas...
to say the excitement is building is an understatement....!
can you imagine the after-school gorgeous chaos in our house this time next week!?}

our kiddos have been amazing since we moved them from the beaches of australia to the english countryside...
they left everything they had previously only known...to fly to the other side of the globe...
smiling & trusting & made us proud...so proud...!
they have continued to do this over the *almost 3* years that we have been here...
they never *sit & watch*...they try everything we throw at them...
their *enthusiasm* for it all is endless...
rain, snow, mountain climbing, farm visits, greek islands, french cities, european culture, english life...they embrace it all...!

so this week i am giving them a french teapot of flowers...
they spotted this *lidless-begging-to-be-a-flower-pot* teapot for me in a brocante in the french countyside over the summer...
they knew i'd love it....it cost us a whopping two euros...this made me smile broader...
& today i have filled it with well....i don't know....
*cabbages* said little Audrey....
i thought they were kinda fantastic looking...kid tempting flowers...
you know...sort of *there* & *fresh* & *lovely*...just like our kids...

what i do know is...that travelling & living *abroad* has made our kiddos the people they will always be...
broad minded...accepting of others...confident...strong...united & just incredibly great to be with...
we couldn't love them more...or be more proud of their *gusto for life*...

so these *friday cabbages*...errr *flowers* are for you my bambinos...
thanks for letting your dad & i continue to embarrass you...love you...& be proud of you
we couldn't ask for anything more...


the collection of shells 
has been gathered all over the world
by the kiddos
this is itself makes me love them 
scattered on all our surfaces
even more

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  1. Oh my, whata sweet post! I am so excited for you to have your parent for a visit. Lovely words about your kiddos...can I become one? because the Greek islands & European cities are calling my name!

    I linked up a post I did recently about our Indian summer (that has now departed!). hugs, Cathy

  2. So sweet, your kids sound pretty amazing.

    We have moved with the kids a couple of times...but only in the states. Still I do feel like it makes them more flexible and accepting..and helps them to realize that one place isn't the center of the universe.

    The traveling your family has done sounds so wonderful...sigh!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Having your parents visit must feel like Christmas!

    The words you wrote about your children are beautiful. It is an amazing thing to watch a child grow and blossom!

    Have a wonderful time with your family!

  4. what a wonderful post!! i'm not sure my kids will ever get over the embarrassment i throw at them! :0)

  5. What wonderful memories you are creating for your family! My guys collected sea shells that we used to make a tree - large styrofoam cone form that we glued the shells to with a starfish on the very top. Brings back great memories for all of us. Have a fun-filled weekend! Cathy

  6. You and your hubby should take some credit too as kids are generally a reflection of their parents!!
    And how wonderful that you have some barkcloth! You must pop a pic in some time to show us all :) Yay!!!

  7. Lovely pictures! They are beach-y and relaxing! Have a great weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  8. Oh I love this post, what a proud mama you are!! Your children are so blessed to have such a wonderful parent, your family sounds grounded and full of love.

    Fantastic flower post too!!

    I am *so thrilled* that you won the OneCraftyFox Cupcake Challenge, congrats!! I can't wait to see where you take her. Please don't forget to email me a day or so before you post the adventure so I can link it to my blog :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  9. How exciting I have just linked up for Friday Flower with you and a Place for Tea, my first ever linky's. I had my 10 year old next to me supervising! Love your relaxing photos!

  10. Just beautiful, Melissa
    Beth x

  11. What a refreshing take on your kiddos, Miss Melissa. It's rare for parents to stand back, take the long view on their children and then tell people about it. Bravo you. Just lovely. They're so lucky to have you as their mum. J x

  12. How lovely!

    I love the collection of shells from the faraway places. Such a beautiful physical reminder of this part of your lives xox

  13. Loved this post! My father was a diplomat and I grew up traveling the world, moving countries every few years! Truly a wonderful way to grow up and an amazing education. Your children are blessed to have such fabulous parents! x

  14. I'm sure your kids will be ever grateful for the experiences and opportunities that living in the UK will give to them. It sounds like you are all making the most of it. We have family arriving this week too. x

  15. "rain, snow, mountain climbing, farm visits, greek islands, french cities, european culture, english life...they embrace it all...!"

    Uh, um... I want to embrace those things, too.

    However I'm commenting upon THIS post. About your little bambinos (that is what I call my little boys) YOUR family sounds resilient and cultured. Cabbage enthusiasts are like old souls. I adore old souls!

  16. They will forever treasure this big adventure you're all having together. So amazing, and what a lovely lovely post - I'm a big fan of cabbage-y flowers especially in beautiful old jugs like this! xx

  17. What a lovely post to read! Your kiddos are so lucky to be living abroad and for the beautiful life and perspectives you are giving them. And how much you appreciate your bambinos as well. So happy to have found you now (because of Cuppie) and read this joyful post!

  18. Enjoy your visit! Love the flower cabbages looks awesome in your lil treasure of a find.Kids are great they can adapt, brave lil things~Cheers Kim

  19. Having moved
    throughout childhood
    and all across the
    US {nine schools
    total before college!}
    I can say that it
    really did give me
    a broader perspective
    and adaptability than
    I would otherwise
    have garnered in my
    little life. We always
    bloomed where were
    were planted....and
    always always had each
    other. Still do, even
    though my immediate
    family is scattered to
    all corners of this land.
    Your children sound
    lovely ~ just like their
    proud mom!
    xx Suzanne


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