* a virtual coffee* & a viennese mince pie...

morning....morning...morning all....
i have a little spring in my step this morning...
as i have bought us little lovelies to have with our *virtual coffee*...
viennese mince pies no less!
i A.D.O.R.E venice...
& i A.D.O.R.E mince pies...
so really i'm sure they are made in heaven...
{see...i told you...a little spring in my step...}

so as we lose pastry & mop up mincey loveliness...
let's catch up on our week...
i'd like to know how your seasons are a-changing?
err...except those of you who are whipping out your bikinis...& waxing those legs...
you can just keep your warm salty little sandy days to your selves at the moment...
just till i get into the swing of our cold snap...!
no...honestly i'd like to have a little warm virtual catch up together!
bet you couldn't offer viennese mince pies though!

weather compared...now down to the real stuff...
our gorgeous little sleep rebellious tiger, miss.audrey is still not loving this sleeping through the *whole* night caper..
she loves the story, the bedtime, switching on the little *globe of the world* next to her bed...
she loves the chatting to her brother, she even loves the going to sleep...
it's the staying asleep that seems to be throwing her...
so what can i say...twelve years after our first was born...we still don't pretend to have all, if any, of the answers...!

then i'd show you how to light a really great fire...in the lovely old stone fireplace...
the one with my favourite pink seat, that i always give to you, next to it...
we had two gorgeous fires this past weekend...
they smell incredible...
the heating is also *cranked up* to give the illusion of *summer*...
{sans sand, salt, sunscreen & bikinis...!}
i figure as my birkenstocks are *festive silver*, i should where them in the lead up to christmas no matter what the weather...
so with fires blazing...& central heating powering we are having a pretty mild winter so far!

shall we just have a little *top-up* from the pot & another nibble...?
actually you just talk for a bit...while i eat....
mmm...really?....noooo?....ooohhh lovely....

then i'd talk to  you about christmas...& stockings...& kiddos...
i have made a *mountain* of christmas stockings this week...
the thing i love about this sort of creating is it's *life-long*...
it's not a dress that will be out grown...
or a coat that will get too short...
it's a part of one's childhood memories...christmas eve tradition...
i had the same stocking growing up, that my mother made for me & my dad painted my name on...forever...
if i went home for christmas i know my mum would put it out...
if i slept in their big comfy spare bed...i could lay it at the end on christmas eve...
so i have had a wonderful week creating stockings that will last a life time...for others...

then that little *in* would lead me to asking if you'd like to share some christmas creations with us all...
i'm thinking monday mornings...they can be pretty lame at times...monday mornings...
but if you've created...arranged or dragged out from under the stairs, something over the weekend, for christmas, maybe you'd like to share it...
i like very few things more than a good nosey into other people's christmas plans...
seriously i'm terrible...love it all...
i couldn't love this little christmas scene in my dining room more...
the deers from our wonderful holiday to this wild beach coastline in northumberland...
the vintage printing block  *A* for our lovely littlest...
& the english glass bauble...

shall we have just one more little top-up before we get on with our day...?
i just want to tell you about our weekend in the english countryside...
we had a busy country weekend of football...
yep sol captained the team to a very close 5-4 win...
& then we took the kiddos to riding lessons...
i just love that our surf mad, beach crazed, salty haired kids are learning to ride!
captaining your local team...as the only aussie amongst a team of british *lads* born & bred on the game, makes his dad him smile proud & big...
& then throw some horse riding into the mix...
& we think our kiddos are pretty darn cool!

did i listen enough today? i like to think of myself as a pretty good listener!
but sometimes...when i need to get to the P.O to send out christmas stockings to waiting kiddos...
i do take over a little...
i do slop up my mince pies...even the exotic viennese ones with a little to much gusto...
so...if there's anything else i didn't ask you about...
if there's anything else you want to just *lob* at me...let me know...
i'm all ears & full of mincey loveliness & ready to listen...

as always a huge hug of mince pie thanks 
to our *virtual coffee* host
"trying not to remember
not to forget
all the little things 
that make up each day"



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Keeping our weather to myself! Have a lovely week xox

  2. Hi you... you're house looks so incredibly cozy... but the real jealousy kicks in when I see that you're munching those fabulous mince pies... I had my mum bring a jar of the stuff over from M&S so I can make my own... but Viennese mince pies... oohhh... it's 7am here and I'm salivating! I'm off into NYC tomorrow and I plan on going to an English store in the village that makes Mince pies to rival those in England... outside of this place, no one has even heard of them! Dear Audrey my little Martha, is having the same sleeping problems... she usually ends up in bed with us by 4am!! I know it's wrong (the hubby's a child behaviourist)... he tells me I break every rule in the book... throws his head in his hands and declares he's a prophet in his own land... I'm hoping it's because our sleeping arrangements are all out of whack with the my parents being here... Anyhoo, hope you're having a great day and keeping warm! Lx

  3. Oohh, forget to say... I mailed you re: address. Let me know if you received it. Lx

  4. lovely photos! I luv your morning coffee! so nice of you to torture us with thoughts of your viennese mince pies! i love your way with words & photos~lovely! hugs, Cathy

  5. Enjoyed morning coffee with you, my dear!
    You are so good to have me over for a bit! And if I could only taste that pie for real!
    Cute cute stockings too.

  6. Mince pie. To me that's always been the epitome of an English Christmas. That and Yorkshire pudding. Although, I don't think I've eaten either.

    Your living room looks so warm and cozy! BSD would be in heaven w/all the heat and fire to keep it like the beach. I keep the house cold to save $$ and he HATES it.

    Your stockings are just lovely. Is it your tradition to hang them at the end of your bed? We hang them by the fireplace. :)

  7. Those pies sound divine :)
    And the stockings? So very sweet! My mother made my little family of four a set when we had kids, and they are priceless!
    My littlest is a terrible sleeper... I wish I had an answer for it... hopefully with time it'll get better. My son out grew it, but it took a long time...

  8. oh, melissa! i want to come stay with you. your house looks os warm and cozy and everything looks so cute, i am drooling over it al right now. i am on my way out the door and will pop back in later. XO thanks for the super-quick cup!

  9. You are in a great mood! Which is fabulous because reading your words has put me in a better mood!!!

    I once had a grand idea that I would cross stitch each of my children a stocking. I have yet to finish the one I started the year my eldest (now 8) was born. We make ornaments every year with the girls' hand prints on them.

    What a lovely coffee date!!!!

  10. Love your homemade Christmas stockings. So very pretty.

  11. Oooo yes, mince pie please! I love your stockings. I still have my childhood stocking as well, but it doesn't get hung up anymore. I guess the grandkids come first. Bah!

  12. Love how you arranged the letters of the name Oliver on the stocking! Oh, and I'll slide my mince meat over to you as not a fan while trying to convinve you that sleep is highly over-rated and some year you will catch up on it!
    xo Cathy

  13. Such a lovely start to my day, having a cup of tea and that delicious mince pie, thank you :D LOVE your Xmas stickings, what very lucky children the recipients are!! Hope you stay cozy and warm near that gorgeous fire today and have many more cups of hot tea and mince pies. Hugs ~ Txx

  14. OK, where to start...

    The pies, lets start with those delicious pies! I would LOVE to take a bite out of one of those right about now.

    The fireplace sounds absolutely divine. We have a gas fireplace... it's just not the same. One of the things I enjoy most about the holidays is sitting in front of my parents wood stove, listening to the crackling wood and smelling that warm scent that feels like home.

    Your stockings are beautiful!! There is nothing better than receiving a gift handmade with so much care and love.


  15. I've never heard of viennese mince pie. I make mincemeat pie every Christmas with regular pie pastry. My grandma used to make it when I was growing up. She was Canadian.

    Love the stockings and the peek at your fireplace. So cozy looking. Reindeer looks great up there on the mantel.

  16. What a lovely weekend! I'd like those mince pies too! The deers are adorable beside those Christmas balls. Enjoy a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  17. your warm and cosy room looks perfect ... oh christmas food is my favourite. enjoy lovely Melissa x

  18. As I drank my coffee this morning, I stumbled across your beautiful blog via the lovely Simone at The Bottom Of The Ironing Basket and I have to say.. it's absolutely gorgeous!! I am such a huge Christmas fan and your post has got me even more in the festive mood, if thats possible! I didn't have a mince pie to eat with my coffee but it didn't spoil my enjoyment one bit! xx

  19. Lovely sharing a
    cuppa with you, Melissa!
    We've had snow so the
    scene is set for the
    upcoming holidays! First
    we have our Thanksgiving,
    next week....Then we'll
    be wrapping and baking
    and creating....My daughter
    wants to host a Christmas
    party for about 10 girls,
    so have my thinking cap
    on for that....Crafts,
    cookie decorating, a movie
    and early dinner...and of
    course, there will be
    much laughter, as a house
    of teenage girls is bound
    to produce! Happy Wednesday.
    xx Suzanne

  20. lovely pics. i especially love those christmas stockings.
    just found your blog, and became your newest follower.


  21. I have to say this brought tears to my eyes and only YOU know why! Here's to a lifetime of Christmas Eves. Lou xxxx (MWAH!!!)

  22. I am so glad you stumbled onto me...so that I could meet you and your blog. The photos are beyond gorgeous. My next plan is to go through all your posts.
    Thank you for your kind comments, and for becoming a follower...don't have many yet.
    I have become your newest follower and you are going on my blogroll.
    Have a fab day.

  23. Mmmmm...mince pies, dreamy writing and lovely photos, I like visiting this blog alot.

  24. You must be so proud of your Aussie boy - captaining the local lads! And riding lessons - what a gift to your children. Oh, and don't go thinking about the beach, Melissa... mince pies (and all the other Christmas delights) are for winter. Enjoy all of those lovely Christmassy details making sense in a wintery place! I love those stockings, especially 'oliver'!

  25. Hi lovely Miss M!
    The fire, the fairy lights, you and a little one, sigh...It looks so cozy! Love the picture and the deer too! I never had mince pie (i think) so don't know what I'm missing... sounds and looks pretty good! I have to read soooo many other posts from other lovely blogsters, hopefully later tonight but I had to peek into your, ofcourse, also I send you an email, did you receive it? Take care hon,
    Maureen x

  26. Hello there melissa, what a gorgeous post once more, i would looove a viennese mince pie!! yum!! And i totally agree with what you said about the stockings being a lifelong item that no one will ever grow out of!
    you look so cozy and warm in your living room! so christmassy!!!
    hugs sweet friend,
    laura xxx

  27. Hi Melissa, I am feeling all cosy and Christmassy after reading your post.
    You and Ella are the winners of the Travelling Cupcake Challenge. So hopefully Cuppie will be there soon to help with the decorations and Christmas preparation.

  28. melissa- i told you i would come back for another sip! : ) so if we were really meeting for coffee...i would tell you that i think it is wonderful the different experiences you are giving your children living in two completely different places. i love it! i completely agree with you about the stockings, too. my mom makes us kids, our spouses and all of the grandkids a stocking with each person's name cross stitched on it. and yes,w e will always have them, they are very special! i went christmas shopping yesterday with my mon, sister and charlotte and actually bought a couple of presents. we sipped peppermint mochas and even enjoyed the christmas music!
    thanks for coffee....so happy you have joined in as you are a wonderful hostess! XO amy

  29. Am I so very late - or maybe just early for next weeks coffee date? Either way, I don't want to miss out on anything. The mince pies do look ever so delicious. Like you, I'm such a lover of Christmas traditions. The stocking I hang up on Christmas Eve was mine when I was a little girl, and we all laugh hysterically at it now, but hang it up just the same. I hope my girls enjoy these little traditions as much as I do. xx

  30. STOP IT! that cozy wozy lounge with the fire blazing and eating mince pies! It's too much for me to bear. I of course love it really, makes me feel very homely. xx

  31. She maybe has insomnia? Have you tried maybe getting her to do more things to calm her down. Deep breathing or light therapy? A lot of times kids are high on adrenaline and that is why they can't sit still in bed. If adrenaline as low enough they would be tired and pass right out.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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