a special giveaway from my little studio of thanks...

can you hear that?

i know... isn't silence lovely....?

not that i don't adore a house of lovely mad happy kiddos & cousins...
but i'm a little worn out...
i need a bit of space after a full house of sandy visitors...
i need some space by myself & then with my kiddos...some *us* time...
without the balance of other children...

yesterday i did what i always do when i need a little *down time*...
i created...i sewed yards & yards of bunting...
i cut out orders & i drank way too much lots of tea...
i did the laundry with a big old satisfied grin on my face... {yep it's my vice i know!}
& i listened to classical music on the BBC...
i wonder if i can take the BBC home with me to oz one day?

it was cold & wet...
& i thanked the weather gods {a rare thing in old blighty!} for making me feel justified in staying indoors...away from any bigger jobs...any socialising...

& then i realised that i had sewn all day...
& washed all day...
& had peace & quiet all day...
& i smiled...
& i also noticed that i have 200 lovely people who have enjoyed a moment of my peace with me...
a moment of my little life on this little blog...
when i reached 20 i thought in wonder why would these people come back...?
when i reached 100 i thought... i love this sharing blogging world...
but now i'm just thankful & , no doubt because i'm a little tired, i'm just very quiet & happy...

so thankyou for your friendship...
thankyou for sharing your lives with me...
& for letting me share mine with you...

when we moved to ol'blighty from australia...from the beaches to the countryside, i didn't dream of a whole world of new friendships...
i had my british besite- met early in this moving saga- & i was content...
but i love the part of my life that is here with you...
i love that you let me rave...& talk to much...& post endless photos from our village life...

so i want to share my happy quiet creative day with you...
i want to make someone some lovely bunting for christmas...
you don't need to do a single fancy thing...
just pop in & say hi...share a thought with me...
tell me your fave colours...
are you neutrals & whites...
are you french stripes...
are you vintage florals...
let me know if you're a beach or country lover...
that's it...
this is a thankyou from me to you...


...i will let the kiddos draw the *special person* from their christmas stocking next week...



  1. you are so very sweet...enjoy your quiet time and thank you for the lovely comments that you always leave me. x

  2. You earned every one of those 200 followers. I love having my morning cuppa and catching up with you. I missed you these past few weeks. I sewed for the first time with my mum yesterday and I am addicted... not very good, but addicted. My mum was a tailor once upon a time and made the most beautiful suits... so in theory this sewing malarkey should be in my blood... hmmm... lots of practice me thinks! As for what type of gal I am... I have such a split personality... I'm all of the above, but going back to my roots... I'm a vintage floral, country gal... I guess I'll always be that village English girl deep down! Have a great day and thank you for finding my little blog in this blog world! Lx

  3. Enjoying a cup of chai and your post this morning as number 201 follower! Beaches and countryside-the best of both worlds. We live in the countryside, but visit the beach. Just finished a stitching project for a neighbor who hails from Australia. And there is a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' sign sitting next to my computer here like the one you have pictured, but minus the pretty bunting. Cathy

  4. What a sweet sweet post.... and your day sounds absolutely lovely.
    I'm a beach person... almost always :) But I love vintage florals...

  5. Eeep, just look at all those gorgeous fabrics!!

    What a beautifully written post....no wonder you have so many followers, you create such a wonderful atmosphere and give off such a warm vibe....I'm not sure we're actually going to let you go back to Oz ;)

    Don't put me in the giveaway cos we already know what I have chosen :) xx

  6. oh how I love your blog and photos....and I am definitely a tea drinker and love to sew too! I'd say I'm definitely a vintage florals kind of gal. Is that Amy Butler fabric I see in there? Love it!
    oh and p.s. thanks for your kind comment :)

  7. I wish I had made a banner to celebrate my husband's birthday which is Saturday. I know how to sew, but I rarely do. I love reds and yellows and blues and anything vintage. I love seeing what projects you are creating. Blessings to you and yours!

  8. You know how much I love your sewing. So glad you're having some quiet time. What if I'm all of the above? Love neutrals, white and color? love french ticking..love vintage florals and love the beach and the country?? :)

  9. I'd love to put my name in this hat. I'm a beach and stripes person, but anything would be exquisite. You're at 201 - Bravo!

  10. Beautiful! I love being one of your 201's. I love reading your blog, a breath of honesty and creativity....... Mmmmm I'm definatetly a beach girl and I love stripes and flowers!

  11. Oh pick me, pick me. I love reds and golds, and greens. Love your blog too. Always so pretty.

  12. Since you ask.....I'm a French Stripe kind of a girl.

    Well done on getting to 200! I love your blog...it's a lovely one to follow. I always feel somewhow at home when I'm reading.

  13. Ah! Those sewing days...never get enough of those!
    Your bunting is wonderful. Next lot I make will be colourful Chrissy presents.
    You are a lucky gal to have such a wonderful life there in the 'old country'.
    Irene x

  14. Meeting YOU and popping
    over for virtual tea has
    become a bright spot in
    my week...And obviously,
    many others, too!!! Congrats
    on touching 200 regulars!
    LOVE your giveaway and if
    I was to have a custom M
    bunting made just for me,
    I'd say to craft it after
    that lovely plate on the left
    side of your place setting
    pic in this post! Thank you
    for the opportunity to win
    something so special but
    most importantly, thank you
    for your friendship as it
    means the world.
    xx Suzanne

  15. I'm one of your happy 200 too :) and am delighted to be one of them! I'm a beach loving, french ticking loving, neutral loving girl myself and how gorgeous are those fabrics! Have a great day, it's raining here in Noosa this morning, heavy wet coastal rain - loving it!! Cheers x

  16. I so adore your posts. I am having a quiet home day today and loving it. Loads of washing and ironing to do and children's cupboards to clean out and send to the thrift shop.
    Please enter me in your giveaway, I'm a neutral and white girl who also loves a bit of blue and frenchy stripes.

  17. Love your quiet posts and I am always a vintage floral, cabbage roses and all!

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous post deserves some good news... you can bring the BBC to Australia. I purchased a small internet radio and now have BBC channels anytime I want. I loved BBC Classic FM on a Sunday morning and BBC Radio 2 on a Friday evening and now I have them.
    It's lovely to have visitors, but when they go you really get a sense of peace and quiet don't you? Enjoy. x

  19. Melissa, congratulations on 200! I am sure you will have another two hundred in no time! Your beautiful blog is like a little secret gem in cyberspace! Once people find you, they will be addicted to your amazing posts like I am and the other 200 followers! Your day at home sewing and listening to music just sounds like heaven!!! I think you might find a similar radio chanel when you get back to australia! - heres hoping!!
    And you`re doing a gorgeous giveaway!! I would love to be in the draw of course.
    Hugs to you sweet Mel,
    Laura xxx

  20. Hi Melissa
    It's no surprise you've got 200+ people like me who just love your ramblings and all you do. I wish I had found you earlier!
    I appreciate what you mean about having a day to yourself - so precious. I've packed my dear one off to his club for lunch today and I'm in heaven catching up with everyone!!
    Thank you for offering such a super giveaway - I would love a mix of French stripes and vintage florals.. but.. whatever you do I know will be lovely!!
    Take care and do come and read my new post about the french man!!!
    Shane xo

  21. Oh, Miss Melissa, bravo you, you clever thing. All well deserved. I am so delighted to have found you and your little world 'over there'. Your posts brighten my day. They're so warm, thoughtful, cheery and real. You have the knack. And you're generous as well - what a delightful idea for a giveaway. Ooh, hard choice but I'd say small white and blue florals would be my pick. Enjoy your (relative) solitude! J x

  22. I recently discovered your blog and absolutely love coming to visit each day. Thank you for all of the inspiration and beauty. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I think your bunting with the french stripes is especially lovely! My contact info is bwrawling at gmail.com


  23. Looking at your stacks of fabric makes me wish so badly that I knew how to sew. I am determined to learn and that's the first step, right?

    200 followers is marvelous!! And I can see why. I thoroughly enjoy my visits. Beach girl or country gal? Well, I have a home in the country on a lake with a beach...so that goes without saying. I also have a city home and that feeds another part of me. I love all things shabby and floral. Well, that's me. Thank you for having such a sweet giveaway!


  24. Congratulations Melissa!!! How exciting and I now see it is 201!!!! I am a classic Libra and am unable to commit to a decision over what I prefer and just love everything!!! Beach and country, french stripes and vintage florals!!! Love it all! Especially washed down with a good cup of tea and the BBC on in the background. Sounds so lovely. x

  25. Hi Melissa
    Congratulations! Ilove thse fabrics and your bunting looks amazing.

    I am a vintage floral type of girl! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

    Pam x

  26. What a lovely day. These look gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win one. I am a vintage floral girl xox

  27. I'm of course one of the very happy 200+ who love you and your blog to bits! Enjoy your peace and quiet, as one who lives interstate from one side of the family, I know how nice it is to have your peace and quiet back. As for me, I'm a sucker for your gorgeous french stripes,but honestly, I love 'em all. Enjoy your weekend sweet pea :) K xx

  28. So creative and gorgeous you are. Beaut photos to share. Thanks a bunch. From rainy Canberra and very noisy household ;o)

  29. G'day Melissa, thankyou for your kind words and it's lovely to meet you. I am very new to the blogging world having nearly completed a course thru decor8. I love living in England, but do miss aus and my kids very much. I love your enthusiasm and your photos! I am working my way thru your older blogs, and I love 'tuesday travels thru a french window' as I just love taking photos of windows and doors in Europe...my husband just doesn't get it. I will be following your blog with great interest. Cheers Robx

  30. Love to read your blog. Such gorgeous fabrics, and since Im not a sewing girl, I treasure items made by hand. Im a neutral/whites country girl, and love a touch of duck egg blue. Have a lovely weekend.

  31. I had a very similar day the other day. It was icky and rainy and I spent my whole day while the ballerinas were in school in the kitchen. Cooking and baking and just content to be in my warm cozy house while it was yucky outside.

    Love the buntings! So sweet.

  32. Hello there sweetpea. I love the idea of sewing all day - I have this vision of you being like Mrs Tiggywinkle now - you know the one? The hedgehog?! That's hysterical and I am sure you don't resemble a hedgehog atall but there is something Beatrix Potter-esque about this post! I am right there with you with 200ish followers and it is a nice feeling, I agree. How nice that our little lives are of interest to others. Blogging is the answer. Take care of you and yours, Lou xx

  33. What a lovely blog. I found you from A Place for Tea. I have bunting lust. :) Love vintage florals. My decorating is country, but I love being at the beach.

  34. Hi Melissa!
    I was on my way to bed, just came home from my dad, I'm very happy that I went, and I saw that you posted, so had to check before closing my tyred eyes...
    Glad I did, over 200 people who can enjoy a bit of you! And I know that number is going to increase soon, it's just lovely to read your blog, you know I don't just say that, it's just true!
    And eh,... as I cannot sew to safe my life, your creations are more than welcome here, so neutrals are always good in my house! Oh, and stripes or flowers too...
    Glad you could enjoy some peace and *you* time!
    Oh, and I started with the questions from the tag, coming soon my friend, but first I gotta get some sleep! Night!
    Maureen xx

  35. Sounds heavenly. I just might need to copy your day.

  36. Your peaceful productive day sounds so restorative Melissa! Don't we all need days like those once in a while?

    I adore your blog - it's beautiful to look at - your photos occasionally move me almost to tears. And your writing is full of warmth, generosity, character and humanity that must be a reflection of the person you are.

    My colours? Muted, natural, linen colours with a shot of red.

  37. Gorgeous Melissa...I think that the 200 of us followers of your beautiful blog are the lucky ones who should be thankful!! The kind and encouraging words that you always have for everyone, the amazing example you set as a woman, wife, mother and friend, AND the friendship that you generously give, shows that you give way more than you recieve my friend!!! Congrats on your 200 (200+) followers!!! So happy to hear you had some lovely quiet time and what better way to spend it, than drinking tea and sewing....PERFECT:) Of course I adore your bunting, no matter what colour or pattern. I hope I am not too late to have my name placed in the christmas stocking :) Thank you for being the special YOU, that you are. Hugs as always ~ Txx

  38. That sounds like a lovely day and so nice to hear that you have made a place there in the UK when you are so far from here in Aus (its probably as cold right now Spring seems to be lost). Congratulations on your 200 (+) followers. Hope you get to have more peaceful, productive days like that.
    Ness xx


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