a virtual vino...& catching up together...

you know i looove fridays...especially *this* one with my folks arriving from oz...
but i also looove tuesdays, thanks to my gorgeous friend amy...
she hosts a *hell of a morning tea*...
i know she's always up for a glass of vino or two on *special* days like ...*ten on ten*...
so i'm going to assume she's ok with me turning up a little late with a bottle of gorgeous NZ white under my arm...

so...if we were really catching up for coffee...errr a glass of that lovely white together today tonight...
i would firstly pour you a big one...
we have a lot to talk about...& it's a tuesday...!
i would ask if your kiddos have written a *dear santa* letter yet...
i would love to ask for a little wee invite to see your christmas decorations box...
the one that if you are an american friend...would still be under the stairs 'till this weekend....
{happy thanksgiving to you & your families...x}
i would put you in my big lovely *favourite & best* pink chair...
{as i do every week for coffee}
because you could see my fire from there...
well actually not my fire exactly...but my big gals fire...
ella makes a *ripper* fire...
she's the girl you need on a camp-out...!
australian...fearless...gorgeous...& she lights a cracking fire...!

then i would tell you that i need to visit our village optometrist...!
i love the concept of very cool gorgeous smart looking chic glasses...
but really, the reality is i'd rather another pair of boots...preferably fur-lined as we are looking at 1 degrees for the remainder of the week...
{just pouring you another lovely glass of NZ...}
...where was i?...
oh yes the glasses thing....
anyway i'll get there when my mum arrives...
doesn't matter how old you are...for some reason there are some things {like optometrist appointments} 
where the *wise words* of your mother are needed to snap you into action...
then i would show you the beautiful photos i managed to frame...
proving that i don't need glasses nearly as much as i need more warm boots...

i would also tell you that i've ordered our big ol'organic english turkey today...
last  year i was in hospital with a pretty bloody awful *felt-like-i-was-dying* case of pneumonnia...
ordered our turkey fairly late....needless to say...we haven't eaten turkey since this time last year....!
now gorgeous hubster, dad & mum...if you are reading this...
i have us a lovely smaller *8 people* turkey...
so let's just skip boxing day turkey smoothies this year...

if we were really meeting for coffee a glass of wine at mine...i'd show you that i picked up a copy of  english *country living* for december today...
{what happened to my subscription copy i wonder...??}
what is it about magazines at this time of year...?
they can almost do no wrong...!
& as we sipped our wines i would tell you about an *inspirational, on-line, mag* i have found...
& we would check out the gorgeous *gifted* magazine on my laptop...
whilst sitting in front of ella's fire...

& before i popped you in a cab
{as i absolutely do not encourage drink driving from my house}
i would propose a little toast to the gorgeous 
kate middleton & her prince...william
who rang & asked *would we mind if they married on our littlest audrey's 6th birthday*
they are sooo considerate
audrey is always happy to share her birthday with a royal event
so we said we'd be delighted!
we can't make it to the official *do*
as our kids ALWAYS come first
but we will be celebrating with a royal theme
audrey will be our princess on the day

so if we'd really just had two gorgeous hours together over a wine or two
i think we'd have covered almost everything till next tuesdays *catch-up*
i'd send you on your way with a special invite 
*back to ours on april 29, 2011*
no pressure
just a little royal birthday loveliness to consider

here's your cab
see you next tuesday
a little earlier
with tea!


  1. Thanks so much for my drinks...I feel a wee bit tiddly after all that wine...

    What a fab, fab post. It really felt like I was over at your for a little bit.

    So lovely.


  2. Mmm...wine. Don't mind if I do! I'll actually be enjoying some in a bit when I go to my book club.

    That dress on your little girl is gorgeous!

    I always call my mom right before any sort of dental appointment. She talks me into going. Otherwise...*shiver*...I'd never go.

    What a lovely coffee, I mean, wine date!

  3. Great to catch up with Melissa, and super drop of NZ to boot! Impending relative arrival - so exciting! Audrey's dress is completely delicious and very generous of her to share her birthday. Lovely framed photo too.

  4. oh, it all sounds so cosy and lovely! xx

  5. Melissa! How DID you
    know that my most
    favorite white wine
    IN THE WORLD is the
    sauvignon blanc from
    the Marlborough region
    of NZ?! I was properly
    introduced to it from
    one of my besties who
    is a Kiwi : ) and it's
    tops in my book! I loved
    having vino with you
    and catching up. {Would
    you mind if I do something
    similar in December?}
    Happy Tuesday, sweet
    xx Suzanne

  6. Just reading Suzanne's comments above and I have to agree you can't go wrong with a Marlborough savignon blanc... that and a Sancere... With the cold winter nights drawing in though, I'm packing the Rioja... We're off to the cabin for Thanksgiving and I can't wait! Audrey looks divine... my mum was reading over my shoulder and said what a beautiful little girl... not that you need us to tell you that... She would get on fantastically with my Martha... she walks around telling everyone she is Princess Martha... refuses to wear pants (trousers) and tantrums when we put the p-jams every night... she would just love Audrey's tutu! Sooo jealous you have December Country Living... I have to wait until January, when the season has passed :-( Anyhoo... I imagine you are beyond excited for your mum's visit... enjoy every second! Take care. Lx

  7. Oohh forget to say it's my brothers birthday on April 29th too!! It's a popular day... I'm sure they'll be lots of celebrating! Lx

  8. Ooops-a-daisy!!! Just maybe I shouldn't have had that last glass - but I do find it hard to resist a Marlborough Chardy or even a Central Otago Pinot Gris!!!

    I'll definitely be at yours on 29/4/11 to celebrate darling Audrey's birthday and William and Kate's big day..... that is unless the envelope with the Royal Seal arrives - you do understand don't you Melissa dahling it could be a treasonable offence for me to decline!!!

    I love the english Country Living and often buy it too!
    Thank you for having me - I so enjoyed our drinkies and wee chat by the fire and Audrey looks adorable in her white tutu and pretty cardigan.
    Shane x
    ps Same time next week??!

  9. Hello - ohhh it sounds very nice by your fire. Good luck with the glasses - I must admit I have some chic ones that I mainly forget to wear when I drive (oops). A glass of wine would be lovely wouldn't it - we need some virtual reality get together space on the web to keep us going. I am so pleased about the royal wedding - can't quite put my finger on why but I really am! Lou x

  10. G'day My Love~I enjoyed my visit very much so! I can't wait until next tuesday.~Cheers Kim

  11. Goodmorning lovely!
    Well, a glass of white wine is not for me (I don't drink wine, never like the taste and I fall asleep right away), can't have that so I will have to join you with a Baileys (love that!). Or a black coffee (with baileys, yum).
    Miss Audrey is too cute in her lovely outfit (and that skirt is on my wishlist in black).
    Well, today we have wet snow (yuk!) and I have something to finish here (it will almost be posted, hopefully tomorrow) so we keep in touch and next week I will bring cake with our virtual coffee, cheers dear!
    Maureen x

  12. Melissa, Audrey looks just the cutest, cutest thing ever!!! seriously! i adore her fluffy, pretty dress too! I am really having a glass of bubbly while reading your beautiful post, and imagining the chilly winter, british pre-christmas atmosphere that you just dont get anywhere else... I almost miss it... slightly!!!
    I think i am so used to the warm hot christmases now though, and i do love them. I do hope that you enjoy having your parents over; how lovely and special, I am sure it will be a christmas you wont forget. Lots of love sweet country friend!!
    laura c xx

  13. Wow, Audrey gets a day off school for her birthday what a result! I loved popping round, the drink driving thing over here is insane at the moment. I was breathalised on my way to picking the big girls up from school today!

  14. I love that post....and oh my gosh...what a cutie!! The frills on the princessy dress too!! How fab!!
    I want to sit in the pink chair!!

  15. I couldn't agree more about magazines this time of year. I had a subscription to country living for a long time. I don't know why I didn't renew. Maybe it is because it still fit my sense of decor, but not my hubby's. The eye candy is inspirational though.

    Audrey's dress is simply doll like. I adore it!

    Nice having coffee/wine/tea with you!

  16. Melissa, I love your little*twist* on Amy"s virtual coffee. Very sweet!

    I have my very own "in-home" optometrist! I still have to go to his office for the checkups, though! Even though I have access to new glasses whenever I want, I usually only get a new pair every 3 years. You would adore going to my optometrist hubby! How 'bout a visit to Ohio?

    It is going to be a long wait until your princess' bday in April! Fun, fun, fun!
    hugs, Cathy

  17. That was very considerate of them. How fun!
    I need some new glasses as well. Mine are broken in half...but new boots...hmmm...that sounds better.
    Lovely photos!

  18. Sorry, can't come to dear little Audrey's birthday as I have a wedding to go to. Have already announced to my hubby that I'm heading into London that day and will need a new outfit and a matching hat! While he rolled his eyes, I said that this Aussie may never get another chance to attend a royal wedding...and it's Dianna's son...more eye rolling! Heading off now for a champas, you've got me in the mood! Robx

  19. Melissa- I just love this and I am officially nominating you to host a monthly (bi-monthly?) Virtual Cocktail Hour. How much fun would that be? I love it. I think it is so cool that the royal wedding falls on Audrey's birthday, how sweet. It will definitely be a day to remember! I just got myself the English edition of Country Living as well and plan to look it over tonight while having a glass of wine myself. I think we might get our Christmas tree this coming Saturday, we usually do the weekend of Thanksgiving, I think i am ready for it--but yes, no decorations until after this holiday is over for me! : ) Big hugs to you and what a sweet picture of little Audrey, i love her little pig tails and fancy dress.

  20. Ummmm, whit wine, a refreshing twist to virtual coffee day. ;-)

    Your little girl in beautiful in her princess dress. I'm sure that Kate Middleton and Prince William appreciate the themed birthday party.

  21. Thanks for the wine, perfect excuse to go pour one for myself right now :)
    Your daughter is just adorbale!

  22. Thanks for sharing your wine, you are such a gracious hostess ;) Audrey makes the perfect little princess.

    I just got glasses a year ago, and I think they are rather smart/chic looking!!

  23. Oh, I love these little visits!

    Princess Audrey is absolutely gorgeous! I think we all must wear those fluffy dresses. Wouldn't life be better if we did? :)

  24. It all sounds so me!! Love a NZ white - the best (oh and the Adelaide Hills have great ones too). Have a great catch up. Cheers from Oz to you and Amy.
    Rebecca x

  25. I rarely pass up a chilled glass of NZ white myself, regardless of the time of day. Ooops! Did I really just admit that?! I could snuggle up to a roaring fire (I have freezing rain falling outside my window) and discuss decorations and turkeys (big -vs- small) and how it's nasty to be sick at any time of year but especially on a special holiday. Oh, and....I'll let you know about April 29th.

  26. Your blog is very pretty. I love the photos. I'm your newest follower.

  27. Every little girl wants to a princess these days. Is this a new thing or has this always been the case?

    -Zane of ontario honey


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