*a friday flower*...& all things english...

well snow has hit england...the temperatures have dropped...the kiddos are anticipating a drive to "anywhere" to build snowmen with their grandparents this weekend...& i couldn't love the onset of winter any more!
the lead up to christmas blessed with snow...
whether we will get it in our front garden {like last year}...we just don't know yet...
but us aussie's here have our fingers {& toes} crossed big time...!
i don't think we've reached much above *0* all day...the least we are due with this cold snap, is a little lovely snow...!

so with my love of all things white & english today...i want to send a *friday flower* to one of the loveliest english roses i have met...
Laura from *a place for tea*...she is my english travelling counterpart...
she is in the US of A....on the doorstep of NYC...
& i am in her old stamping ground...
i'm oohing & aahing over Robins...& holly...& storybook english scenes
& thinking of her...

my folks are arriving in the morning...
& Laura, in new jersey, has her mum visiting from england...
we both know how precious these times are...
living away from home...from the country you know...the people you love...
it gives you a wonderfully simple perspective on life & a love for living in *other* ways...
so in thanks to her...for being my on-line *living-abroad-with-kiddos* partner...
for being a friend...a true friend & kindred spirit...
a wonderful mother...& an inspiration to *leap* into all that living abroad has to offer...
i want to say thank you with my english roses...

i have a gorgeous british bestie...
who lives at the other end of our village...
i adore her sense of humour & wit...
i adore her love for england & life in general...
& you remind me of her...
{i can't imagine a day without her in it}
perhaps thats why, when i stumbled upon your blog, i knew we'd be friends...

happy friday lovely friend
can you see the reindeer antlers i stuck in the roses for you?
i didn't have a *robin*
i did have a funny looking branch 
that i have been pulling out every year since 
we dusted the sand off our feet 
& arrived in this english countryside
it absolutely reminds us of deer in scotland
but more err....tree like!
the robin's almost in the post!!

so...if you love an english rose
a cup of endless tea
a glass of wine
want a little moment on the doorstep of NYC
go have a chat with laura
...she's lovely...

if you'd like to send someone a virtual *friday flower*
link up below
introduce us to someone who is part of your day


  1. A perfect choice, Miss Melissa - Laura's the best! Ooh, I'm getting excited for you about the arrival of the Antipodeans! Enjoy, Sweetie. J x

  2. Snow! I hope for the kids' sake (and yours!) that you get lots of snow--for snowmen and sledding and snow angels and forts and snowball fights! : ) Have a wonderful visit with your mom, Melissa. XO

  3. Beautiful post sweety...you are a gorgeous little rose too in this blogsphere..have a wonderful weekend xo

  4. Enjoy the time with your family! I am so envious of your white Christmas!!! xx

  5. I love your flowers! I may not have got the reindeer reference unaided, but the more tree like thingy looks great however you choose to see it. And how have I missed out on Laura before now? I'm off for a visit... Let it snow, and have fun with your folks.

    P.S attempted to do your linky thing for the first time, and will do better next time, now that I know how it works! Serves me right for reading your blog when I'm meant to be working.

  6. What beautiful roses for beautiful Laura!! I am so excited for you to have your parents coming...by the time you read this, they may already be there!! ENJOY darling girl. Huge hugs to you for a wonderful weekend ~ Txx

  7. Beautiful post! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your folks! Happy times!

  8. The anticipation of Christmas and family times is wonderful isn't it. Have a fab weekend.
    PS don't forget to send me your mailing address please so I can send Cuppie.

  9. Hi Melissa!
    Have a wonderful snowy time with your parents! I love the flowers for Laura, she will smile big time seeing them! Bye sweetie,
    Maureen x

  10. just have to say...you photographs are absolutely beautiful! have a great day :)

  11. Aww thanks... my heart swelled reading this... especially the line '... for being a friend... a true friend' . I'm so happy that you feel this, even though this all is virtual. You're right if we were down the road we would chat up a storm and put a good dent in the Indian tea market. Enjoy your mum sweetie... there really is nothing better than cuddling up... last night (in a turkey coma), my Mum, Edie, Martha and I, all snuggled up on the couch, the fire was roaring and the snow was falling, and watched Miracle on 34th Street... it really was a priceless moment and one that will be stored in the memory banks. I look forward to hearing your memory bank moments with your Mum. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend. Lx

  12. We've got our fingers crossed for snow too...isn't it exciting! The locals think we're mad aussies. Have fun! Robx

  13. How lovely, gorgeous photos too :)

    It's freezing here and I know it must be even colder where you are......brrrr!

    Have a wonderful time with your parents, so exciting....and so lovely :) xx

  14. Snow Melissa! You know we don't get that here in QLD! Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx

  15. Enjoy the days! I am in Melbourne right now - weather is strange!

  16. I adore roses and tea, but I don't adore snow. However I must admit that it can be delightful to the eye. And to children... sigh. SO I'll put up with it.


  17. I am passing this award to you  http://christmas-believe.blogspot.com/2010/11/blog-award.html

  18. Hi Melissa,
    I love your Christmas decorations. I think a white Christmas would be lovely for a change.
    Beth x

  19. Hello sweet - hope you have a great time with your famille. The cold has hit here but no snow :-( oh well...I am sure you are making the best of it for us! Wrap up warm my friend. Lou x

  20. Hi Melissa!
    By now they have arrived.
    Your sweet parents, that is!
    I hope you are all cozying
    in and enjoying one another.
    After a little blogging hiatus
    due to our long weekend, I
    am back at another busy Monday.
    Lovely roses for Laura!
    She is a rose.
    xx Suzanne

  21. I love all the nice things you have to say about your friends. A lot of people have friends but few have truly amazing friends.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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