ten on ten...january 2011...

i am still trying to find my 2011 mojo...
anyone else feeling a little like that?
i feel like i'm putting a huge puzzle together...that i still can't find the final bits to...
as everyone else is basking in the glory of an organised start to 2011...
i feel like i'm on the *page before*...
you know what...i'm really really ok with that page...
i'm quite happy to just hang out here for a few more days...
i think i would have been on the same page all week if it wasn't for the project that is *ten on ten*...

*ten on ten* a photo journal of one's day...
ten photos...for ten hours...on the tenth of the month...
i love this project...
i love reflecting on my day...making my time accountable & real...
marking it...recording it...& acknowledging my time in a very aware way...
so now that this page i'm a little stuck on has been recorded in photographic terms...
maybe i'll move off it tomorrow...maybe *ten on ten* will *shove* me into a little action...

ten on ten...january 2011...
welcome to my day...

10:45...christmas wellies after school drop off in the rain

11:45...a birthday clock for a 10 year old & lunchtime

12:45...gathering *rogue* christmas decorations to still be boxed up

1:45...a self portrait from our 12 year old in pencil
a christmas gift of love & incredible talent from her to us

2:45...organising dates & school schedules for the new term before *pick-up*

3:45...anticipating 10th birthday present wrapping for our son

4:45...more rogue decorations to be dealt with...yep still on the page before the rest of you

5:45...pasta with tulips

6:45...looking for cookbooks
melissa...richard...&...sol...ella & audrey

7:45...english elle & a glass of NZ wine...for me...on a monday
indulgently heaven

ten on ten
ten photos 
over ten hours 
on the tenth of the month
january 2011

...thanks for all the wonderful comments of friendship & *catching up*
on my last post...

the journey of *cuppie* will continue to the good ol' u.s of a
to my gorgeous friend amy
{ella & i just want to see her photos!!}
i want it to be a thank you for hosting our lovely *virtual coffee* tuesdays



  1. I love this! I must do it the next 10th. That self portrait is gorgeous, sooo clever xx

  2. I really enjoy your ten on tens and so glad you're continuing with them. Don't worry about being on the last page...you're absolutely not alone there :) What a fabulous portrait by your daughter...some real talent there and a lovely gift capturing one of her moments in time.

  3. In exactly two months
    I will be doing my
    own Ten on Ten....I
    started an eight week
    photo course!! Come visit
    me tomorrow and see my
    homework for week #1 : )
    Loved walking through
    your day with you. Wish
    I was there for the wine ~
    my absolute favorites are
    from NZ!
    xx Suzanne

  4. I"m so bummed I missed this! Could you remind me next month pretty please?? Love your photos and that is one amazing self portrait! Happy day to you!

  5. I love getting a glimpse of your life... I feel I know you a little better at the end of it! Love the wellies... I have a trusty pair and have asked for some Hunter socks for my birthday... it's getting mighty cold here and more snow is on it's way... Oh, and last but not least... your daughter is a very talented artist... She is destined for great things! Lx

  6. ahhh...i am so excited that ol' cuppie will be coming my way! yay! and i promise not to let you down! : )
    i think it's okay that you are a page behind some of the rest of us, Lord knows I usually am. i am amazed at that self-portrait, what a talented little artist your girl is. and such a sweet gift. i love the wellies and can never get enough of those! i hope your little guy has the BEST birthday, i'm sure you will have a lovely little celebration for him. thanks for sharing Melissa, i do love a glimpse into your little life over there! happy 10 on 10! XOamy

  7. Hello...so I know what you mean about being a page behind! My kids are still not back at school; tomorrow thankfully. They are BORED! Plus it's that dreary wet weather that means even going outside is a chore. I am literally itching to get my house sorted, decorations are down but still that residue of Christmas remains. I need to declutter!!! Arrgghh. Would on another note be lost without my hunter wellies...Lou xxx

  8. Glad to hear Cuppie will be flying off to the US. She really is racking up some frequent flyer points. deb

  9. Ah, Miss Melissa, so brilliant to have you back with us in Blogland. I've really missed you.

    No, you're not alone - I still have Joshie's school books, report and school magazine to read before I can mentally pack 2010 away ☺. I think by next week, my head will arrive to reconnect with my body!

    Ooh, the gumboots got me. Hunters cost a fortune over here. And that self-portrait is astonishing for one so young - you have real talent there.

    So pleased to have you back, Sweetie - and have you seen Maureen's post today? J x

  10. Melissa, your girl is so talented. What a beautiful pencil drawing - it's so detailed and sophisticated. She must have your eye! I love your 10 on 10s, your photos always stop me in my tracks. Like that clock - I can almost hear it ticking!

    Here's to your 2011 mojo - may it arrive when you're ready for it!

  11. Love the self portrait Ella! Great gift for mum and dad.
    And tulips (flowers from the netherlands?) are in my top 5 of favourite and best flowers, gotta go now!
    xx Maureen

  12. What a great idea. I am going to try to jump in next time. How fun, next year, to look back and see what your days were like the year before.

  13. What a nice idea!


  14. Love the 10 on 10's...I always look forward to the 10th - you do it so well. Mr&SEA...oh so gorgeous! And UK Elle & a glass of nz vino...mmmm...nice, enjoy. Here's cheers to moving forward to the next page and cheers to 2011. Alison

  15. Hi Melissa,
    Your daughter is very talented, what a lovely gift!
    I just love the ten on ten - I'm a tiny weeny bit jealous of your wellies (I think that's exactly the same pair I have my eye on). As always, such a great insight into your gorgeous home and your English life.
    Hope you're having a lovely week - Melissa xx

  16. I love love LOVE this blog! Beautiful! I am now a follower--you are real inspiration and I shall enjoy returning here to look at new posts and images!! Someday I will make better use of my camera...

    PS Im a fellow expat in the UK x

  17. We ARE on the same page.....I think I glimpsed my mojo today but it has been elusive!!

    LOVE the self-portrait....she is talented.

    Loving your 10 on 10 :) xx

  18. i love your photos, they are really fabulous. i also love the vintage processing you use on the photos. you have a really beautiful blog. i think i might start the 10 on 10 post on my blog too!!

    thanks for the inspiration...

    hugs, cindy


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