a last minute *whack-it-up* valentines project...

hey hoo....i'm racing round last minute creating a little valentines moment...
i'm not mad on the whole day...
but i always seem to *need* to make a little moment of it...
i like to think the hubster & i show the kids how much we love one another all the time...
but the kiddos do like a quirky little project...
we like to see if dad actually notices!

so here's my *whack-it-up* last minute project...
something we can all do whilst pouring the wine & hoping someone else cooks dinner...
doilies {i always have them for wrapping gifts...they look fantastic stuck over wrapping paper}
brown parcel string
literally...a moment

slap the hearts on...
slip the string through...
lay out on the floor to admire...
tick done box...
congratulate yourself on your instant project...
hang near dining table...
wonder about dinner...
pour a wine...
smile at your resourcefulness...

a win-win valentines project...
a last minute...too easy...statement of love...

happy valentines moment all...
hope someone makes you feel special...

makes you dinner...
pours your wine...

a few newspaper hearts always make my heart smile


thanks for all the comments on my *10 on 10* photos this month
it means alot to me
as *10 on 10* really makes me stop & take stock of the great moments in my day
you can see this months here
if you feel like a creative challenge join in next month 


  1. Good sunny afternoon Melissa!
    Well, you see that smile on my face?
    ~lay out on the floor to admire~ loved that one! You know, posts like this are making me feel good! instant valentine feeling, have to say, not a biggie in our household, although Noa always makes something for us, so perhaps we will have a creative moment tomorrow, we have a holiday week.
    Hope your hubby will make diner for you, and pour your wine... just smile your best smile, who knows what he will do!
    We have sun shining again today, wohoo!!
    Maureen xx

  2. oh, forgot to give you a big hug.
    just because you are you

  3. Good idea - the newspaperhearts!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Very cute... Valentines Day is the hubby's birthday, so I make it all about him, with a smattering of hearts! Have a great Sunday! Lx

  5. I love the project! And those newspaper hearths make me smile too! Have a wonderful day!!

  6. I simply adore this quick & easy craft project! It looks just as lovely laying on those beautiful wood floors as it does hanging from the windows! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentines! xoxo Beth

  7. Hi Melissa,
    Happy Valentines - love all things doilie, so loving your garland. I do hope you get dinner cooked - I'm on my own as The Man is away, but am pulling meatballs out of the freezer for tea tonight, and may even indulge in a drop of wine once my young people are in bed.
    Dull but warmish day on the Northern Beaches today. won't it be fun when you come back?!! I've already done coffee at Freshie with some mum friends, onto the house chores for a little while now.
    Have a super week.

  8. What a fabulous and simple Valentine's decoration! I always have the best intentions of having everything ready for each holiday but, I always manage to be behind. It's awful! I am excited for the big day tomorrow...a day full of love. And yes, it is important to treat each day as if it is Valentine's. I need to be better at that. Hope you have a very love filled Valentine's day. ♥

  9. that's my kind of project, melissa! quick, easy and cute : ) i am actually sitting here watching the grammy's, sipping my wine, while the sweet husband is making us homemade pizza for a little date night on the couch with a movie while the kids are in bed. have a great day with your little loves tomorrow!

  10. Oh Awesome! I am going to make some :_) Please stop by if you can

  11. Oh shucks, very sweet. I think it is important for the kids to see these little things.
    This morning in the kitchen (I know,not a romantic setting) I gave Mr M a valentines card. As I handed it over Master b Yelled "Wait Mum, I haven't signed it". How cute. I had to explain Dad was my valentine. He just looked at me weirdly.

  12. You're valentine decorations are just adorable- and anything that can be done that fast over a glass of wine definitely gets a big thumbs up! I LOVE the doillies! Definitely going to have to try that one out - that's a fantastic idea. - Melissa x

  13. Melissa, Just catching up on a few of your posts and I adore all of them!! I wanted to let you know that Amy Butler lives just 1 hour away from me!! I have always wanted to pop in and see if she would meet me! Haven't had the guts to do it {yet}! I cannot believe that your weather is turning springlike! We are still completely snow covered! Although I am seeing a lot more activity from the birds! hugs, Cathy

  14. How sweet and simple, Miss Melissa. Magic. Just exactly the thing the pixies could make next day. Thanks for the inspiration - yet something else to bookmark! J x

  15. Glass of wine: check
    Children: check
    Doilies: check

    Now...who'll cook the dinner?! ;-)

    I love your photos. They have a lovely golden glow. Do you Photoshop them? I'd love to learn how to do that.


  16. Hello there lovely Melissa - love this clever little project and yes my girls would love it - off to buy some doilies! Also love that 10 10 thing - might give that a go - better pick an exciting day to give it a go on though hadn't I - getting a spray tan tomorrow - probably not the day to do it!!! Hope you are all well and warm!! Hugs from Oz Leanne xx


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