vintage china & a friday flower...

vintage china & a friday flower...
my beloved old ladder & a little time in the afternoon...

i have a serious obsessive weakness for vintage china...well to be truthfull...all china...
this obsession has been fed since i was 14 years old & got my first job in a homewares/interior design store whilst at school...
i was one of those gals with a huge chest of goodies *ready to use* when i moved out...
& to this day my china makes me happy...
our kids used our *Countryware* {see here} wedgewood china from the day they could feed themselves...
better it used than stored...
yep they did the ikea thing outside...but inside white wedgewood & garage sale china finds...
so you can imagine my delight in having a few years in ol'blighty to really stock up on all things simple...plain...china & vintage...

teacups...used for tea...& jellies for dessert...& flower pots...
& my gorgeous £1.50 blue & white sweet bowl...
perfect for the 80p *white balansae* british bestie & i picked up on saturday...
quite simply it makes me happy to be surrounded by both old china & flowers...
how could it not...
for less than a fiver i'm smiling big!

a friday flower
vintage china
an old ladder

how do you like your china
it's friday 
go buy some blooms

white china bowl : thrifted £1.50
white paper rose: gifted ella
beloved photo: cafe marley - the louvre- paris heaven


  1. china obsession here too. my grandfather grew up in 'the potteries' and only allowed the best of the best into the house. hilarious that i too ate all my dinners off of wedgwood plates. the same goes for my kids now. i completely agree that there is absolutely no point to it being stashed away for nobody to enjoy. i just have to make sure hubby and i don't have a disagreement before washing up as he does love a bit of a plate slam to prove his point!

  2. here in northern france i have accrued a jolly selection of french china, more pottery really; the style is completely different from english, far more rustic. there is cetainly a pleasure from eating and drinking from a fine old cup or platter. and flowers make me smile...

  3. These are lovely! Have a delightful weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Ooh, Miss Melissa, what prettiness. You've reminded me I need to collect my pretty cup, saucer and plate sets from my parents this weekend. I think Mum's been using them long enough! J x

  5. I'm a china adorer too. I have all sorts of lovely bits and pieces from various grandparents. They hold memories of summer luncheons, family get-togethers and Christmas dinners...

    Ooh, and spring bulbs Melissa. Sunshine is knocking on your door no?

    Have a beautiful weekend! x Sarah

  6. gorgeous post Melissa! and I think I will pick up some pretty flowers for the weekend...to go along with our temporary spring like weather! hugs, cathy

  7. I love the blue and white - that old china pattern. I have had a flurry of polka dots lately from Emma Bridgewater and have realised I might have taken the mis-matching a tad too far?! Ah well...makes me happy with my morning tea. Lou x

  8. I can see that I'm not the only china lover here...mine began as a child when I noticed my grandmothers georgeous collection of teasets. Now I have some of them and use them regularly. I have not settled on a particular colour or style as I seem to love anything well made with 'a little something special' about it.

  9. I love china too, but sadly I don't have much of a collection yet! I'd really like to start collecting some! Your china is BEAUTIFUL!

  10. i love collecting china! i have a bunch from thrift shops and antique malls, etc. all mix and match, bought on the cheap! i use it all too, and just love all the pretty flower patterns on them. your china is so sweet, love your photos!!

  11. I know what you mean. I have vintage tea cups coming out my ears!

  12. Just beautiful Melissa and wow, an old ladder is something I really need to track down - what a great photo prop you've got there. Love that your children are getting into china early too :)

  13. What gorgeous images! I love blue and white china especially and would love to find a flower pot like yours.

  14. I totally understand your china obsession Melissa. I was the girl who was laybying a dinner set while still a student, and the same girl who brought back a complete hand painted dinner set from England almost 100 years ago now. And I still get a thrill out of finding some cute little bowl or jug or plate now. The bulbs look so beautiful planted like this. Amanda xx

  15. Love vintage china + your blog. I'm a new follower, hope you're gonna follow back. All the best, talk soon

  16. Girl after my own heart - I can't resist pretty china, I will bid at our local auction for a box of junk if there is one piece of pretty china inside!

  17. Love the china and your Friday flowers....always!
    I have that same cute little frame.
    Happy Weekend!

  18. Hi sweet friend!
    My mom is in town
    so I've been behind
    in visiting my blogging
    buddies : )! Love
    seeing your beautiful
    china pieces. I love
    it, too, and am about
    to move some along to
    a new home so that I
    can add more! Silly,
    I know, but I've had
    my newlywed china for
    24 years {Fiestaware}
    and I think I'm ready
    to wave it on down the
    road and welcome in
    another new set. {I
    currently have four sets
    and don't plan to go
    above that!} My tea
    cups and my serving
    pieces are a mish-mash,
    which I love. Hope
    you had a great weekend,
    Melissa! We are getting
    socked with snow as I
    xx Suzanne

  19. me too. love old china/dishes. we're using our old Moderntone these days. It's glass vs. china. From the 30's or 40's. Fun, bright colors.

  20. Gorgeous! What's not to love about vintage china... perfection!!

  21. So pretty...I love my china blue and white! Sigh...these images make me so happy today. xoxoxo

  22. Hi you... so we're stuck back indoors again.. It's bitterly cold here, so any thought of Spring have been pushed on the back burner. Oh, what I would do to do a spot of car booting with you. When I was back in Blighty, I remember waking up early doors on a Sunday morning and going to Bottesford car boot sale. Bliss... I think a lot of the time I was still a little hungover from the night before (this was all pre kids, when it was all dinner parties and wine)... I still kick myself for not buying the perfect vintage picnic hamper (it was only a fiver)... Oh, happy days! Hope you are enjoying your guests! Lx

  23. Melissa, I think your china is just adorable!!! I have just brought a few little bits back from the UK, my gran didnt have anything special, but it reminds me of her... I was so surprised that they made it here without any chips or cracks whatsoever! (in the extra suitcase i brought back!) I love that your kids have always been given china!!! I have never been brave enough with mine! Not because I am scared of them breaking anything precious... just to prevent extra cleaning up if they were to smash.. Maybe I am a little too practical at times, i should take a leaf out of your book!!!! I hope you are enjoying time with your relatives!! Hugs to you, Laura xxx

  24. Hi Miss M!
    Well, china and Maureen are going together pretty well! Love it, and your colors, white with some blue, I have 3 shelves with this stuff, I now have them in boxes, trying to get everything in white now, just to do something different (aka reason for more thrifting...).
    Loved seeing you popping in today, know you are busy, so thanks and enjoy hon!
    Maureen x
    Oh, and hugs for the kids as well, the christmas cards are still hanging xx

  25. I am a self confessed chinalholic!!!
    Just like you I have always used good china with my family even when my son was a toddler it was bone china for us!
    Love your blue and white!!
    Pamela xo

    1. Do you collect the chop sticks at Chinese restaurants too? I do.

      -Zane of ontario honey


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