friday pretties...happy days...

hello lovely friends...
it is a gloriously gorgeous afternoon for this aussie gal in the english countryside...
a change in seasons is happening BIG time...
life & our village gardens are a big beautiful vase of flowers at the moment...
to end this gorgeous sun-shining week i have filled an array of our special bottles with tulips...

these bottles have been gathered during our travels...
around england & with the kiddos romping around europe...
there is nothing like a simple old-fashioned english milk-bottle...
or a greek bottle of honey syrup from a wonderful family dinner in an island cafe...
or an italian bottle from a magic sans-kiddos weekend away with b.b {british bestie} in roma...
all perfect vases...
all made of memories...

i love fresh flowers in the house...
especially here in england where the link between the outside & in is so reliant on the weather!
today has been incredibly perfect for spring...tomorrow may be another story...
so fresh flowers for me is like throwing the windows open...
sun on my face...
kids in the garden...

...happy spring to those up top...
...happy autumn to those *down under*...

go fill a few bottles with memories


this sunny friday arvo i am linking with these gorgeous blogs

pop on over for some more weekend inspiration
have a lovely one!


  1. Hello Melissa

    It's 5.15am here on the Northern Beaches. Love your clocks by the way.
    It's raining very hard. We so need it though, as the garden is groaning. I hope this isn't 'the real Autumn setting in.

    Love your tulips in bottles.

    Best Carolyn

  2. So Pretty!! Have a happy weekend Melissa!!

  3. gorgeous, darling. when i come to england, can you take me around and find fabulous vintage goodness like these? maybe in like 5-10 years or so?? :)

  4. beutiful tulips and I love your photography.


  5. Absolutely beautiful. I'll hopefully have a little something winging it's way to you soon. I've had a crazy week and wanted to post it this week, but decided to do a en-mass trip to the post office, as my life time best friend had her baby this past week, so I'm getting together a little gift for her and her little one too. It's all go here... Oh, and now the sun is shining the beaches, parks are calling. Today the daffs finally opened and I am smiling ear to ear. you try and get the hubby to move Stateside next. We have the winters and the glorious hot summers too! Hope you make a trip to NYC soon... I'm already planning! Lx

  6. What a lovely way to display tulips! May just have to "steal" that little idea ;)

  7. You really get to notice the change in seasons in England don't you? I love the contrast in the countryside. As much as I adore the warm weather here, the (very) slight change in temperature signalling Autumn doesn't quite have the same impact as the daffs, lambs and new leaves on the trees. Enjoy.

  8. Bottles with memories... what a lovely phrase!

  9. Lovely tulips and I love that your bottles hold memories for your family.
    It may be Autumn here in Perth but it's still so hot and dry that I find myself longing for some rain.

  10. The weather has been great hasn't it.. we musn't speak too soon though lol...beautiful and love the bottle with the rose lable x

  11. oh those are such beautiful tulips! they would brighten up any day! great shots to capture their beauty :)

  12. Ah, it's fabulous to hear the extra enthusiasm in your voice, Miss Melissa, after your long and ghastly winter. I'm glad for you! J x

  13. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for your kind words. So very sweet of you..
    I love all your vintage finds and the bottles are a great way to display your spring blooms.
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this wonderful sunshine xx

  14. They look gorgeous, the pink tulips are lovely x

  15. your tulips are ever so pretty. so happy spring is here (and there).
    love all the bottles gathered from your travels, so clever.


  16. Squeals of delight for your tulips in bottles! I just knew you were a bottle girl. And as fate would have it there are a couple of tiny, very old bottles winging their way to you, wrapped tight in a snuggly woolen hot water bottle cozy.

  17. What a lovely idea, here in England you have to grab each day as it comes, because you never know what tomorrow's weather may bring. Tulips my favourite flower.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  18. Lovely tulips - in bottles- just so adorable! And thanks for your lovely comment - I am also a massive fan of Morocco - spent 2 months there once - brilliant. Have a lovely sunday and see you soon.
    A xx

  19. I love your collection of bottles, so pretty!
    It's cold here today so we are hanging out inside :)

  20. Oh Melissa, so so very pretty. I love flowers in bottles like that. I would have loved you to have popped on a plane and come on over yesterday for my lunch....maybe next time??

  21. Thanks for your sweet messages:)
    PS: did I tell you I put you on my blogroll!!
    A xx

  22. Sunny in Blighty, relentless rain in Sydney (but looking forward to the brown grass turning green). Glass bottles are gorgeous. Wish I had some daffs to put in mine!

  23. Your images just made my heart sing! Pretty, pretty, pretty! I can't wait to look back through your posts! X

  24. I clink home with lots of bottles to tell the story of my travels too Melissa. There is nothing quite like a good old bottle vase is there. Your photos look ever so lovely.Reminds me that I need to get some bulbs organised. xx

  25. Simple Beauty. It makes me yearn for Spring!!!

  26. So Springy! Seeing the tulips makes me happy, but I am also in love with those beautiful bottles! Thanks for liking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence!



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