vintage tag making...it's addictive...

morning...frost & sunshine...
go figure....
as my gorgeous american friends amy & suzanne regularly remind me...
what will we all talk about when the weather comes good...
when spring eventually arrives....
they still have snow...
at least i'm at the frost stage...
as a glass half full gal though...i am pretty much at the end of my rope weather wise...
i shouldn't have mentioned the blue sky & sunshine yesterday...
curse myself!

it does allow one to finish all those little projects over the morning...
do you remember these...?

my little vintage school atlas gift tags...
made with quick home-photocopies of a 50pence car-boot-sale atlas we found...
{who could really cut up a vintage atlas!!}

i also bought some vintage music sheets with the british bestie on our hunting rounds for £1 a sheet...
our big gal plays the saxophone...
& loves sheet music...

so i did the same for her...
photocopied the gorgeous music...
made tags for her birthday thankyou's in april...
& framed some in an old frame that usually holds random words of the month...

this is seriously addictive
i'm warning you now!
luggage tags
old frames
vintage books
vintage maps
vintage music
a colour photocopier
cold weather
hot weather
you get it...

i know there are many a-gorgoeus frenchy looking luggage label out there
extra stamped craftiness
a bit of glitter
a bob of lace
but for me simple works every time
job done

what d'ya think?
get out those vintage papers!

pop over to check out whats going on if you need inspiration
to ignore the washing basket 
get playing!!


  1. Oh I love it Melissa - I am addicted to tags! Check out this etsy store I found today - you will love it (that is if you haven't already found it!)!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/knotandbow
    Leanne xx

  2. Oh nooooo! I just know I'm going to have to try this. They are simply superb :)

  3. Great idea Melissa, I have been collecting music paper and the odd school atlas for a while. I have framed some music paper and used it under glass on a table, but as you say, can't bring myself to cut up the atlas. Another idea I saw in Anthro was to use little vintage jigsaw pieces on gift tags, so I successfully won an old jigsaw on ebay, but it's so cute I can't bring myself to break it up and use it...need to find and incomplete one! Robx

  4. p.s. just had a look at the etsy store recommended by Leanne (above)..knot and bow...fantastic...just love stationery! Robx

  5. I haven't looked back since I figured out how ridiculously easy it is to make gift tags - thanks for the new ideas!

  6. These are so cute, love the hearts in the frame lol, must make some.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. too funny. when i was at the craft supply store yesterday i found myself picking up a couple of packages of tags although i knew i had some at home already! : ) just so cheap and cute and i can always use more, right? i love the atlases and the sheet music..and those hearts! you can do anything melissa! : )
    after valentine's day i took down the hearts you sent and just last week we did a re-do of charlotte;s room, moving furniture, etc and i hung the string of hearts in front of her window. she loves them and told me yesterday morning that they make her happy hanging there!

  8. I love them! I'm definitely going to have make some myself!

  9. this is so cute! i love tags and i love vintage papers...i think i should make a bunch for my packages in my etsy shop :)

  10. Hi there... Know what you mean about the weather. I keep going out inappropriately dressed and the poor kiddies keep being dragged off to parks only to stand shivering and begging to go home. Spring does play tricks on us. Love the frame. Why would you ever buy anything from a store when you can produce the likes of this? Just perfect. Stay warm, throw a log on the fire and have a glass of something to warm your cockles... after all, it is Thursday and in my book, that makes it the weekend already! Lx

  11. They look beautiful, might have to try them myself! I won't bother mentioning our gorgeous Sydney weather at the moment xx

  12. Oh I love these gift tags!! My son would go crazy over the map ones. He loves maps. Has them in his room and the world globe which he studies everyday!
    I love the sheet music cut into hearts...I am a heart girl!!

    I just know once the weather warms up here in Canada everyone will be moaning about the heat!!! At least back in Eastern Canada I know they will be!!

    Pamela xo

  13. They are gorgeous, I have a thing for the maps. They would make any present shine.

  14. Frost and sunshine - the best combination. I love those crisp frosty mornings with blue sky (maybe it's the rose coloured glasses thing...)
    Anyhow, those tags are just divine.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  15. Just divine, Miss Melissa. Loving it, on so many levels. Now if only our printer were working...J x

  16. fun fun fun! are you thinking of selling on Etsy??

  17. Love those tags! Very vintage looking and made by hand, a wonderful touch!

  18. Simply Beautiful tags! I love them!!


  19. I thought it was cute how you took vintage music sheets and made them into little hearts.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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