creativity & friendship...

we've had such a gorgeous couple of days here in the english countryside...
fabric hunting...
& all that was topped off by a little bit of sunshine...

i've been thinking about my blog {as some of you know...} a lot lately...
what does it say about me...
does it define who i am...
does it share the things in life that i love...?
why do i write here...?

well...all that thinking...& pondering & sharing...has led me to smiling...
i write here...& sew & create & share my thoughts because this blog satisfy's my creative side...
i can write here...& taxi the kiddos around...
i can share thoughts & ideas whilst making dinner & throwing washing around...
& that is the tip of the blog-loving iceberg....

my blog is the part of me that is both defined by, & completely seperate to, my mothering...
my love of fabrics & projects are shared here...
my love of the kiddos & our family life in the english countryside is shared here...
my love of friendship is constantly inspired here...

these are the elements that are my blog...
sarah, the gorgeous generous woman behind the blog *modern country style*
posed the thought... *define your blog*...
for me...it is completely defined by my love of creativity & friendship...
so thankyou for endlessly sharing both with me...yours & mine...


  1. Beeeeautiful! Couldn't said it better Melissa, truly great post, also for the people who are new to your blog, it describes it perfect.
    (I wanted to link but no time to make a post, truly enjoyed reading this!)

  2. I have found great creativity and friendship through my blog also.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. You've captured your blog, and the best elements of blogging perfectly Melissa. The creativity and the friendships, and the sharing. It's the best part about blogging! So pleased spring has sprung and you're having a lovely time with your brother & family. And little Miss Audrey's treasure chest is indeed a treasure. No wonder you have your eye on it! Take care Amanda xx

  4. lovely thoughts and feelings...your photos of the rose are devine! love the colour.
    cheryl x

  5. Beautiful thoughts......
    Karyn x

  6. Hi lovely Melissa,

    You're soooo right. It's the friendships and connections that have definitely come to mean most to me. I simply LOVE yourtuesday coffee mornings. I really look forward to them.

    The tip of the blog-loving iceberg? What a GREAT phrase!!


  7. Gorgeous post!!
    Creativity and friendship are the two things I am most grateful for :)
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. Gorgeous and so well said - you've definitely captured the reasons why I blog too, as well as the reasons why I love yours!

  9. Couldn't have said it better myself.
    Best Carolyn

  10. LOVE these words!
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  11. I love that about your blog Melissa; I love that there is so much of you in your blog! I have to confess; I find that really difficult. But I love the cocept of defining your blog...
    Have a lovely, creative, happy, sunny weekend gorgeous!!
    Hugs - Laura xxx

  12. Well the love you have for your kiddos, friendship, fabrics and the countryside certainly are all evident in your very friendly and always lovely blog x

  13. Hi,
    I am joining Sarah's lovely party from my vintage apartment in Chicago. So glad you joined, too.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    Link #26

    ps. Friendship and creativity ~ a winning combination in my book.

  14. Lovely lovely post. Have a charming weekend. Deb

  15. Your blog truly does reflect all the things you've outlined here, Melissa - and it is always such a pleasure and an inspiration to read :)
    Melissa xx

  16. WOW what a challenge.... it is sometimes hard to define something that is changeable, like how we express our ideas in our blog... I think you are so gorgeous, talented and creative and that definately shines through your beautiful words and pictures here on your blog. I am so delighted I have 'met' you because I see so much in your posts that I can relate to. You have really inspired me, so thank you!!!! x

  17. I think you've hit the nail on the head...'creativity and friendship'...lovely thoughts...beautiful post! Robx

  18. you write so well that's for sure. i wouldn't be able to define my blog so clearly. i love that you're here as i think you're great! xx

  19. Oh, Sweets, I *loved* this post. To bits. You are in such a happy place right now. And your blog completely reflects this. Fabulous. J x

  20. Hello you... Well I'm throwing my hat back into the blog ring... and yours is the first blog I'll leave a comment on (I have been reading all your posts, but have been silent while in Blighty)... Never the less, I still stole a few minutes to read you lovely posts each morning while there... I love to share a bit of your life, with you and I always leave with a big, happy smile on my face. Although we have *yet* to meet, I know that your blog is a true reflection of who you are and that is why I enjoy it so very much! It's good to catch up again! Lx


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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