friday pretties...moroccan style...

some eye-candy...
moroccan style...friday pretties...
a week of heaven...
my camera worked overtime...

...happy friday...
...happy friday pretties...
if you get the moment
morocco is heaven on earth

a pot of mint tea
a moment to yourself
more *friday pretties*

thankyou for all your gorgeous, very special, comments to my post yesterday
*those moments* are, as i said, why i love this blogging caper



  1. beautiful pics melissa :) i'm having my daily chai right now!

  2. love all of the pretty moroccan visuals, melissa. perfect for friday pretties.
    i've added you to my blog's side bar so i don't miss a trick.

    hope your weekend is lovely.

  3. I am assuming you are there!!!! Lucky duck. Love your shots.
    Have a great weekend
    Best Carolyn

  4. Oh pretty pretties!!!! Those pics are stunning! i can just imagine the exotic smells and hustle and bustle! I'll make a pot of mint tea and imagine I am with you!!!! Enjoy!!!! X

  5. My cousin's husband was born in Morocco, and his native language is French. I didn't realize how beautiful it was. Great photos Melissa!

  6. oh Morocco.. you lucky devil.. I think I'd wear my camera out.. it's been on my to do list for way too long.. Great pics!!

    Have a great weekend.. it's pouring down here now... cats and kittens.. ciao xxxx Julie

  7. You should get them printed in book form, Miss Melissa. They are just stunning. Sigh. J x

  8. Great Photos Melissa, love all those textures, colours and chalky paints.. :) x

  9. Ooooohhh Moroccan mint tea...is to DIE for!
    Looking at your photos I can remember the sounds and smells of Marrakech. But it always brings me back to the mint tea :)

  10. Beautiful shots Melissa...have to put that on my list. I'm off to ready your post from yesterday...been a bit behind lately. Robx

  11. These are absolutely gorgeous Melissa, Morocco is still on my list for sure :) xx

  12. WOW! Morocco! Very Pretty & Very Exotic. Thanks for sharing these Pretties on my Friday Pretties.

  13. Freshly brewed sweet mint tea surrounded by all those gorgeous Moroccan mosaics... sounds like my idea of heaven... how very lovely!

  14. Hello sweetpea...what lovely holiday pictures. I have to say I am craving a holiday right now! July feels like an awfully long time away. I read back on your post about what defines a blog and am in agreement with all the comments - you have summed your blog up perfectly. For me, visiting you is like seeing a friend (just a particularly creative one!) And as you know, I am in love with your creations! Lou x

  15. Gorgeous pics as per usual. I am really looking forward to some peppermint tea just as soon as I have tucked all the little Moerks into their beds and ever so slightly growled at them ( two of them ) for their messy rooms. Its school holidays here and I love it , but the mess does get a bit much. Nothing though that peppermint tea won't fix.

  16. Hi Melissa,

    What beautiful photos! The colors are amazing. I am especially drawn to the turqoise and blue. Hmmmmm.

    I somehow managed to delete the blogs that I love to read and yours was one of them! Looking forward to catching up. (Those buttons and choices are driving me nuts!)

    Defining a blog - can't wait to read more about that one and see the original blog that inspired you.


  17. Very pretty and hoping the upcoming week is as well!
    xo Cathy

  18. Seeing your Moroccan posts makes me really want to visit there. It looks so beautiful - and so different to here! You're giving me the Travellin' Bug!



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