friday pretties...

good morning my bloggy friends...
it's friday...
my fave & best day of the week...
so, welcome to my *friday pretties*...
these lovely gals grow around & up the side of our front door...
in our garden...!
not a big feat for many of you, i know, but for this aussie gal a delightful part of my english spring days...
as i've said many a time, a lush garden of flowers, still so special & foreign to this girl who was raised to conserve water & grow succulents & daisies at best...makes me smile...& then smile a bit more...
isn't she just gorgeuos...little browning edges & all...

the beautiful, browning, vintage looking, older petals are in fact, the ones that make me want to plant a rose garden in our beach house garden at home in oz, when we eventually return...
roses falling over sydney sandstone rocks would be so lovely...
the watering issue i need to get passed...
how does one conserve water & have a thriving rose bush or four?

as i am not needing to get my head around these gardening-in-the-southern-hemisphere-issues right now...
i am instead drinking tea in the garden...& collecting petals & thanking the british weather for bringing our front door such lovelies...
& we all know that this is a very rare break from my constant whinging about cursing of the british weather...

what i have realised over our three years living in the english countryside...
is that if the sun is out & you have roses in your garden...
then the washing can wait...
the banking can take a number...
the computer can re-charge all day...
you need to...you must...make a pot of tea & go sit in it...
it may only last for the pot...
it's fickle like that...british sunshine!

& if you have french chairs, dragged back under children's legs in a people mover, from a brocanting, beaching holiday last summer...
then you really owe it to those kiddos...who still regularly recall the squashiness of the trip...
to sit on them...& love them a little bit more covered in roses...
french chairs do not come home from road trip is australia...!
you may get more sun...but not french chairs!

so these *friday pretties*
french chairs
are today all given with open arms to my b.b
{british bestie}
i feel blessed to have her in our lives
today she needs to know that just a little bit more
{& her hubby is pretty ok too ;) xx }

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  1. oohhhh...such beautiful photos!!!!
    cheryl x

  2. Gee Melissa, Aussie sunshine....french chairs...Aussie sunshine...french chairs....I can't make up my mind!! Lovely photos and hello to your b.b. from another Aussie. Robx

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  4. Teacups, roses, French chairs, doilies, and sunshine...I know it would be hard to go wrong with those ingredients but these really are stunning photos!

  5. Bloomin' beautiful, Melissa x

  6. I am soaking up these photographs! GORGEOUS!!! What a very, very pretty Friday Pretties. Thank you for sharing some of your English "Sunshine" with us.
    Have a wonderful, sunshine filled weekend,

  7. just gorgeous...love your pictures. Not that you need another blog to love but you might like one of my favourite blogs: http://bluebirdnotes.blogspot.com/ I think you will like it. so loving your blue china - total favourite of mine. Naomi x

  8. Ah, pure prettiness, Miss Melissa. Thanks for sharing, you darling. J x

  9. Umph... I just posted a huge comment and it some how got lost... anyhoo, I was basically saying your flowers make me happy, we have rain, rain rain... my roses are flourishing, I so, so, so missing chatting to you... most importantly, you enjoy your weekend, your beautiful garden, and if the sun is shining have a glass of Pimms or white. Nothing better on a weekend in the sun! Lx

  10. Your Friday pretties are lovely .. there is nothing like a single Rose, I love them, mine are just opening up and I do grown them in pots just try and keep the pots in the shade and the blooms in the sun :) you never know it might work for you in Aussie.. x

  11. I'm such a rose girl, not in the sense that I know anything at all about the hundreds of varieties, but just that I adore them, their scent, their soft colours, and yours are just divine. You know, I don't think roses need a lot of water once established, but they don't like humidity much. So they're fab in Melbourne and Hobart and probably Adelaide, but it might be the humidity in Sydney rather than the lack of water that does them in. But yes, rose petals over sandstone... what a gorgeous combo.

    Have a rosy, sunny weekend Miss Melissa. I'm envious of that light!

  12. Melissa hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and roses!
    xo Cathy

  13. Hi miss M!
    I had to read 5 (five!) posts that I have missed, you have been busy and I wasn't paying blogging that much lately....BUT the wonderful thing about reading your oh so lovely words, one after another, nodding my head and smiling away, it makes me think how lucky I am to have met you, here in the world wide blogger universe, between so many great and lovely blogs, yours is truly like reading a friends blog, thanks for being so inspiring and just you.
    And Audrey's ballet slippers made me emotional too, my girls don't take ballet classes but it made me realise how fast they grow...lovely post that one. Anyway, gotta get mackenzie (removing stitches), and Noa will be here in a couple of hours back from her week trip to Italy, so I will love you and leave you for now, hugs hon,
    Maureen xx

  14. oh,...typo in the above comment.....wasn't paying attention in blogland, I think that's what I wanted to write.....see yah! Mx

  15. Oh my Your roses & chairs look like they where ment for each other....and for you! Have a great weekend. We are going to have some sun!
    Our roses are NOT out at all but we will have them soon!

  16. Oh what absolutely beautiful photos! Your roses are so pretty and I love the chippy chair! Gorgeous!! Would love if you would come share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime- it's absolutely lovely! :)

  17. They are exceptionally pretty Melissa.

    Now that the fog has cleared, I'm off to enjoy some of this aussie sunshine.

    Happy weekend to you. gxo

  18. Oh how I miss roses...I most definitely took those beautiful flowers for granted. I especially adore the subtle way one colour merges to another....just lovely. Enjoy the sunny weekend. The rain has passed here and we have a blue skied Autumnal crip morning again.

  19. Beautiful post with lovely images!
    So happy I stopped by!

  20. Pretty can't get much prettier than faded pink rose petals, powder blue tea cups, doilies and chippy white paint in the garden. It is just not possible!!! Happy weekend! X

  21. beautiful beautiful beautiful.. I love your roses and agree the bruised are sometimes the best.. all from my garden are that way.. and i think they make beautiful shots also.. add character... I was just thinking the other day the only thing I will miss when i move from this wretched place is the roses..

    The light in your shots is so pretty.. so spring!! I know just what you mean about roses over the Sydney sandstone.. haven't seen that for a while.. must take a little look-about..

    Have a great weekend.. and thanks as always for kind comments my way.. ciao xxx Julie

  22. Melissa, so glad you had sunshine, tea and roses. Gorgeous photos! I enjoyed each one. The teacups are so dainty and beautiful. Would love to see more photos of the French chairs. What a wonderful find for you!


  23. Oh wow - these are pretty indeed. So glad you put life on hold and enjoyed your lovely sunshine! And grabbed some fantastic photos while you were at it ;D HUGS

  24. Looks like you enjoyed a sunny, beautiful day...and took time to not only smell the roses, but to capture them in amazing pictures! I love roses, especially PINK roses! I can almost smell them all the way over here in a suburb not far from DC. :-)

  25. Beautiful. I would love to have british weather to garden in...here it is always too hot and dry, but somehow I make out.(-: Have a great day!

  26. What a wonderful way to start an ordinary Saturday...by reading your lovely post and soaking in the Britiah sunshine and smelling your pretty roses (dismal and dark here today!). I wish I was drinking my tea out of one of your dainty tea cups... Have a splendid weekend Melissa. Lots of love, Jac xx

  27. Stop and smell the beautiful pink blooms - a fabulous plan! Gorgeous spacer here x

  28. Hey there~ Just stopping back to say thanks so much for coming over and sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! Hope to see you again soon! :) Sharing this post on Facebook~ have a wonderful weekend!

  29. beautiful! Glad to have stumbled upon your lovely blog!

    x claire

  30. Hello Melissa my friend...I completely agree on your point about the weather - it is spot on! You must stop and sit in it! Yesterday was a lovely breezy sunny day and we had the kid's party in the garden - wonderful. Today I awake and see it's cooler, windier and absolutely not the same with just one day's difference. It's so fickle, the British weather. You have left me some very nurturing comments lately so thank you...very dear of you. Lou x


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