a vintage inspired *sweet cone* tutorial...

inspired by the fish & chips rolled paper meals of the past...
i made some *sweet cones* to post home to australia...
a very special friend had her 4th baby not long ago & i delighted in filling a little box of goodies for baby Billy...
now baby Billy has three older siblings whom we adore...
& as all good mothers learn through trial & error know...when a new bambino arrives, the older brothers & sisters need to get a little something special themselves...
not that I'm equating a new baby to a rolled up paper cone of sweets!
but when your 8 or under...you may well cruise between wishing for both....

as you all absolutely know...
i love me a quick, satisfying, creative project...
& these soooo cut the mustard!
the beauty of these *sweet cones* totally relies on the choice of paper...
orla kierly is so perfect...just weighted enough & the prints are heaven!

so...here goes a very sweet way to fill a half hour...
1. double sided heavy wrapping paper
    cut to a rectangular shape roughly 10 x 8 inches

2. fold one corner up {from the long side} to make a triangular shape 

3. tuck this side under once more 
    & then...simply fold the remaining paper around this to form a neat cone...

4. fill with special vintage inspired sweets...

we often post home sweets to the kiddos friends
english sweets
a little vintage
a little yesteryear
very cool

what do you think?
vintage inspired party cones
beats a store bought plastic party bag
would look fab in an old crate lined up like the fish & chips shops of old used to do
i gotta throw another do...just to use these babies

happy paper hunting
go wrap up some goodies for someone special
make them a handmade card outa the left over paper *bits*
they'll love you for it
loving fun!



  1. What a great idea! I definitely want to make these for the kids for a special auntie gift one day coming up... :)

  2. What a great idea...that looks amazing. Robx

  3. I used paper cones in our wedding. Down the aisle, hanging from each pew, were huge cream colored cones held yellow tulips. At the reception, each seat had small paper cones filled with candy. I used ribbon for a handle in case they wanted to take their candy filled cones home. It was simple and I received a lot of compliments about them.

    The paper you used is very fun!!

  4. Lovely! A fab idea! Have a girly birthday party coming up and this idea looks as though it could be pinched! Cx

  5. What a fantastic idea!!! They would be brilliant for a birthday party too... or a tea party with the girls in florals.... I can see them in shabby floral wallpaper, or fabric with a treat for each guest on each china plate! Now you have gone and got me inspired... housework?.... what housework?! X

  6. love this! i am going to try this as soon as i find soem paper i just love.

  7. What a fabulous idea Melissa. The possibilities are endless...parties, weddings, just because... Love it, love it, love it. Jac xx

  8. WONDERFUL! super easy {just how I like}. I may just use this fabulous idea for our 30th bash this summer! thanks!

  9. How sweet Melissa.. and clever!!! I don't think we had the 'cone' wrapping our way.. but I do remember the newspaper wrapping..

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day.. pardon my tardiness .. I'm blaming blogger.. hahaha.. it clobbered my birthday post and I'm yet to put it back up..

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Hello from sunny Brisbane :) I love this paper you have used... gorgeous idea!

    P.S. I have the exact Bill Granger cookbook in your previous post on my shelf, I'm actually making the page 16 recipe tonight!

  11. I would... Get a tin and fill with jelly beans, then stand the cones up in them.

  12. Another fab idea, my creative friend. Ah, now where can I find Orla Kiely paper over here, though? J x

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